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Payment arrangements and stop payments HELP

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What are the PDL law's in North Carolina? I have set up payment arrangement's based on principal with one but have 3 to deal with. Hydra Fund III won't do anything for me and they say they are based out of New Zealand, I also revoked all debits made from my bank acct from them. Discount Advances I haven't dealt with yet and they say they come from Canada but they go through some place in Las Vegas called Credit Protection Depot. Also have Integrity Pay Day Loans and they plan to make a debit on Friday which I need to speak to them before. I have also decided to go through a credit counseling and do a debt management plan and have included them on there, but my counselor said sometimes the PDL company's won't deal with them. Should I place a permanent stop payment on them till they receive the proposals which will sent out in two to three weeks? Or what should I do? Thank you very much.

ALL pdl's are illegal in NC. DO NOT waste money putting them into credit councelling or debt management. Pay they at YOUR terms, not theirs. They have NO legal standing in your state. You owe principal and nothing more. Tell credit protection depot to bug off.

Follow the link in my signature line for detailed information on how to dela with them.

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Awesome, thanks for answering so quick. I will contact my credit counsler and take them off. Thank you so much, I plan on never using a PDL again. Does it matter tho if they are in a different country? Thank you very much for your help.

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Does it matter if they are online? Thanks.

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They are illegal...period. You pay them only with money orders and via mail only. If they do not want to give you an address, they dont get any money. Stick to your guns....they will send emails saying you "signed on the world wide web" or that you are bound by the laws of the country they are in. The only laws that apply to you are the laws of NC....they know it but will try to confuse you.

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Thank you so much, I was getting stressed out, im trying to get my stuff together and was worried. I will get all this in order and let you know how it goes. Once again thank you very much for your help. :D

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drop this place you are can save $$$$ by following soaplady's sticky.alot have,and it works.

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Ok well I sent off two emails to Hydra Fund and Integrity pay day loans, do you know if the Credit protection depot has an email? Thanks.

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I live in NC and had several payday loans at one time and was able to get out from under them without using anyone except some good advice from here and a little work on my part. Make sure you keep records of everything that you send and don't be surprised if you do not hear back from these people except for them trying to collect. These people will tell you that they do not have to follow NC law and stuff like that or even threaten you with jail, etc. Don't buy into that. They will try every scare tactic that they can, but don't let them scare you. Hang in there!!!

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