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Installment loan help in Texas

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So I've managed to put myself in a bad position after being laid off from work for the last 2 months and been using what I've basically had saved up to cover the installment loans I have in the following. I've already revoked the ACH authorization from Speedycash and plan on talking to them about a payment plan but id like to know the best scenario of what I should do for the following loans I have and just started a job where I wont be paid until two to three weeks. I am wondering for Texas what my best course of action for these accounts would be?

Borrowed Amount: $510
Paid so far: $840.3 ( 5 payments left of $140.05 each )
ACH Revoked through Speedycash

Acecash Express
Borrowed Amount: $850
Paid so far: $981.25 ($196 payment)

Borrowed Amount: $800
Paid so far: $765.71

one payday loan with CashnetUSA
Borrowed Amount: $550
One extension paid of $139.19

Have you checked if they are legal?

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I have not, I've been looking through the forums but I haven't been able to tell definitively whats illegal and what to send if they are illegal.

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dyeoblivion dyeoblivion

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I must tell you there are numerous of companies opening of payday loan in USA. At every corner you can see new store. You must check if they are legal. My friend also get caught in illegal terms of one payday loan firm, but I recommend him if he needs payday advance urgently next time then see their license number.

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Mandy Dobrev Mandy Dobrev

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Stop borrowing any further. Reduce your costs and follow a budget. Use a debt reduction calculator here: n.html. It'll guide you to a suitable debt repayment method based on your aptitude.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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Been following this thread. I currently have 6 loans out, 2 being installments. Here's what I went through yesterday trying to get EPP and payment plans.

Cashnet- Just opened a $600 loan with them 2 weeks ago. Money has been hurt at job recently due to overall economy. (tips) Asked 'Net for an EPP. Got it with no problem. Starts in two weeks.
Speedy Cash- Had this loan almost a month. Tried to block 'em at bank using stop payment. All they did was walk through the back door by debiting my card. CSR at my bank said "looks like they pulled a fast one on ya'." They got me.
Fast forward to yesterday. I called them to set up an EPP. They don't really do it. You have to wait for a default. The CSR basically walked me though it. "Based on the laws of your state, lets' see what we can do." They she told me I could pay the loan down by doing the fees and a little more each time. Told her "no," and that I was trying to save some money and that's when she said to "make sure" it doesn't clear and you default. Let it go to customer relations and they'll set you up an EPP then. I almost cried. She was awesome. I couldn't thank her enough.
Ace Cash Exrpess. New loan. This was my 4th with them and since I'd had a good recent payment history, they were more than willing to work with me. Unfortunately, it seems I actually applied and received an installment loan and they don't offer an EPP for that in Texas. Per the CSR, had it been a PDL, no problem. The loan was for 500. One time payoff would be 563 dollars. That's basically 12 per 100. Awesome rate, IMO. Trying to get that money together and pay them off.
Advance America. 450 loan. Just completed 7 cycles of a $400 dollar PDL. Wouldn't let me do an EPP until I made at least a payment on new loan. Weird. I'm good with that. Would have loved to have save the 90 dollars until next payday, but I'm good.
Lendup- 300 loan. Asked for an EPP. They want $94 this pay day and the othe $282 on . . .April 2. Loves me some Lendup. Yeah it's a PDL, but it really is different.
Balance Credit-$200 installment. Told 'em I was having problems. Again, no EPP in Texas. Will defer pay and 216 would pay the whole thing off.

OK, it seems that EPPs don't work with installment loans here in Texas. If you are willing to work with you I think they'll work with you. After all, they want their money and would love to lend it out to you again so they can make more.

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notell39 notell39

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