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I called them back. They stated they were collecting for "Direct Cash Loans" who were a parent company for several lenders, including Speedy Cash, Check N Go and other store front lenders. I became somewhat skeptical at that point. I have never heard of Direct Cash Loans and am not really sure that Speedy Cash and Check N Go have parent companies, as such. They stated the usual, "blah, blah, blah, I had willfully refused to pay my loan, etc," and they were going to turn my case over to the State for further action as I owed $800. Yes, I have had several payday loans before. I told them I had to have a validation letter sent to me in the mail, which they were seemingly very compliant with. They still sounded pretty legit. I am just wondering if anyone is familiar with this collection agency and if they are for real or a scam? Meanwhile, I am waiting for my validation letter which I am willing to bet will never show up. Thanks!

which state are you from?

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Don't pay a penny unless you get a validation letter. Seems to be a fake call. Drect Cash Loans provide instant cash loans in South Africa.

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