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great plains lending chargeoff

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Welcome everyone my name is AG and this is my first post so bear with me. I am located in the state of Ohio I had taken out a great plains lending loan back in November of 2016 in the amount of 1400. paid on time every month till about October or November of 2017 where the interest was getting to be way to much and i couldn't afford my bills so i stopped paying on it. Eventually they had sold off my account to a company called Global Trust Management LLC for $1790.Under remarks they put charged off as bad debt purchased by another lender. however they never marked me 30 or 60 days late. Here are my questions and concerns, A month or so ago I received a letter in the mail saying im part of a class action lawsuit against them for there shady tactics how do i proceed with that? It's my understanding these tribals lenders are illegal and how can I get this removed off my credit report. Thanks

It's good that you have stopped making payments. Yes, they are tribal lenders. My assumption says you have already paid more than the principal amount. So you don't need to pay anything more.

Send a letter to the company and ask them to remove the listing from your credit report. Ask them to give you a refund in writing or else you'll take legal steps against them.

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