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PDLs (Ameriloan, Northway Financial, etc...) - Consolidate?

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I stumbled on this site after I signed up for a PDL Consolidation company called You Payday Loan Help. I still have time to cancel the contract with them, but have yet to decide if I should. I currently have 5 internet payday loans that I have paid well over what was borrowed and are current as of today.

Information as follows:

Ameriloan (
Original Loan: $400
Interest on Loan: $120
Paid to date: $530
Outstanding balance: $455

Northway Financial (
Original loan amount: $350
Interest on Loan: $69.94
Paid to date: $349.70
Outstanding balance: $419.94

National Payday (
Original Loan: $500
Interest on Loan: $125
Paid to date: $800-$1000 (estimate as I don't have bank records that go back far enough)
Outstanding balance: $496.12

Sonic Cash (
Original Loan: $200
Interest on Loan: $50
Paid to date: $105
Outstanding balance: $242.16

Manhattan Processing
Original Loan: $300
Interest on Loan: $90
Paid to date: $0

After reading the sticky "Dealing with Illegal Payday lenders", I went ahead and went to my bank, talked to the manager there and they changed the routing number on my account so these guys can't get into it. I sent each lender via e-mail, and mail (to the one's I could locate an address too) the letter that shazzers linked too that included the State of California's Laws. I made complaints to the BBB, FTC, Department of Corporations, CA AG, and IC3. I even found that ameriloan, northway financial, and national all have been issued cease and desist orders from the Dept. of Corps.

Obviously, I would like to pay back what I have borrowed that isn't above and beyond what was lended, but I am not sure if I should continue with the loan settlement company I have contracted with. I have only received an e-mail thus far from ameriloan requesting that I call them. I responded by indicating in my e-mail that all correspondence should be via e-mail or mail. I don't have the money to pay for settlements at this time, so I have contemplated just keeping with them. Any help would be great.

Also, does anyone have any contact information for National Payday? Their site has no e-mail address, phone number to call for a live representative, or anything, and the BBB site says the company's address is unresponsive.

a couple of questions.

1)what state are you in
2)the name of the company you contracted

here is what you owe to each pdl

ameriloan owes you 70.00
northway you owe .30
national payday owes you between 300.00 to 500.00
sonic you owe 95.00
manhattan never heard of before,but if nothing was debited then you owe 300.00

the top four are illegal everywhere.again never heard of manhattan so it would depend on the state you are in.if you follow the sticky you don't need whoever you contracted to help you through far as AMERLIOAN is concerned they just want to get your new bank account,and harrass.i wouldn't call them.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I live in California, and I contracted with

With sonic, I have been dealing with their company for well over a year. After 4 extensions or interest only payments, they withdraw the entire amount, which I then re-loan with them. In the last year I have probably paid 2500 on 1200 worth of loans.

Manhattan Processing only has an e-mail and phone number. I want to pay them back cause I borrowed the money and it would be amoral of me not to. I just don't know if I should e-mail them or call them to set up an EPP or what.

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Nicole Le Nicole Le

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okay a pdl needs a license to lend to the case with all of your pdl's you only owe the principle borrowed.we always advocate paying back what was borrowed,but if a company is illegal they should only get back what they borrowed you.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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