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My Aunt died and appointed me executrix of her Will. She had 3 accounts with joint tenacy with her godaughter. Two accounts appear to be accounts of convenience but I cannot say for sure. The Bank is refusing to answer any questions regarding whether the other joint account holder signed signature cards when the account was opened or whether there are any other accounts in my aunt's name.

After 16 months they are now advisng that I need to obtain a court order to close the accounts; which suggest that the accounts may not have been joint tenancy with right of survivorship. I live abroad and so did my Aunt at the time of her death. It seems somewhat strange that I should have to go through the expense of purchasing a ticket to go to America, retaining an attorney to obtain a court order and then to discover there is no money available for the estate.

Shouldn't the Bank be able to disclose to me whether there is any money available to the estate before I incur such expenses? Also I understand there are closing fees and I am wondering if they are trying to trick me in paying unnecessary fees.

Wow, this is way over my head, I have no idea what to tell you, but perhaps moving this thread to the appropriate forum will encourage others to respond who know more about this part of the law. :)

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Whoa, now I need to figure out where the appropriate forum is!

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I believe that the executor (sp?) of the estate should be able to handle all of this.

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