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Progressive Debt Relief - Am I being Scammed

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So I have several payday loans, I totally now know they are not the answer. So I got to a pay where I have been making payments but just wasn't caught up. I found this company Progressive Debt Relief who said they were able to assist with payday loans. Mind you I am not trying to stiff them I just want to pay what I owe in ONE payment per month over a year. So I talked to two individuals in the company who sold me on this plan for $256 out right they would have a negotiator work with my payday loan companies. They weren't guaranteeing settlements, but they had stated that they had prviously worked with my payday loan companies and they didn't see where there would be any problems. My expected monthly payment for the payday loans would be $160 monthly and for $59.50 the negoiator would deal with the payday loan companies. I was told if I got any communication from the PDL to forward or direct them to my negotiator. I was told that I would also be sent a dvd and kit that would show me how to handle them myself and I would receive acesses to a website which would detail my information, creditor info, and communication with the pdl lenders. They advised me to get a prepaid visa to load money as my bank, Chase stated they did not do ACH Hard holds on automatic debits and that I would have to close my acccount. Mind you until I signed up with this company I was current on all my day day loans but with their advice i rerouted my paycheck to prepaid mastercard, and bought a prepaid visa so that they could I pay them and the PDL companies of. So I am slightly concerned that my negotiator is doing nothing. When I was finally able to log into the site to view communication there was nothing other than my name and zip code. None of the email communication that I forwarded to Natasha, my negotiator was posted, nor was there any evidence that she had communicated with any of the companies. I had recently informed here that I had been contacted twice by Paycheck Today at my place of work after informing them to call me on my cellphone and any further calls at my place of business would result in my contact my state attorney general. That same day they sent me an email stating they would offer a settlement on my account. I forwarded her the email this past saturday asking her to follow up. I have heard nothing back her response was there wasn't much she could do about them calling me but to direct them to her direct line. She had not even addressed the settlement. It occured to me that she's proably just skimmin emails or selectively reading. So I'm thinking that either she's jsut pretty lazy, or that Im being scammed by this company. So I'm just wondering if anyone has found this typical of their dealings with this company. I think I am better off dealing with the PDLs myself as they are not licensed in my state and from my understanding all I have to do is payback the princpal amounts owed not the fees. Is this correct...I live in New York state... Let me know what you all think.

i also tried using progressive debt relief. this is just how my experiance went with them. first off they charge 40% of whatever your paydayloan debt is. they also claimed once you have enough money in your account they will pay off 1 loan, then once the money builds back up they payoff the next loan. i made a total of 4 payments to them. i had more than enough money in my account to pay off atleast 1 loan but they never paid it off. finally i decided to go ahead and cancel the program with them. after paying in around 750 they refunded me about 250.00. so not only did any of my loans not get paid off, but i found myself even farther in debt. as far as customer service went they were always nice and picked up the phone when i called. but as far as seeing progress or paying off my loans it never happend. just my honest opinion, if you havent paid them very much money i would cancel the program and settle with the companies yourself. but if you've already paid them alot of money i would hate to see you lose the money you've already invested. hope this helps. if you have any other questions i will try to answer.

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so what did you do did you find someone to help with your payday loans. if you did can u tell me of any that you might have used:)

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Why are you paying a company to do something you can do yourself. I had 8 internet payday loans and 2 storefronts. I checked into a couple of companies to help me get out of this mess. One company wanted $1,500 in fees alone. I decided to read through this forum, follow the advice given and do it myself. Today, I have 0 internet payday loans and am making affordable payments to the 2 storefronts. I will be completely free by March 1 of payday loans and will never go back to them. So, my question to you is, why are paying someone to do something you can do alone?

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