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How about laws in Nebraska. I don't see much listed here. I have a loan with PayDayMax and Redstone financial. I have looked and don't find where they are licensed here. I have paid both loans over the amount. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Both PayDayMax and Redstone Financial are both illegal in the state of Nebraska. So, you are only morally bound to pay them the actual amount borrowed on the loan. Since you have posted that you have paid over the amount, you should now ask for a Paid in Full letter and a refund of the excess amount.

You should also file cases with the Nebraska Department of Banking & Finance, the FTC, your states' Attorney General and the BBB.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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Take Paul's advise. Also if you already haven't done so close your bank account. That is the only way to stop these people from accessing your account.

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Buzzette Buzzette
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I was told that it federal laws not state laws apply to these. Can someone please verify this information.

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This is one of the biggest lie you will hear from these illegal lenders. Let them know that you are a resident of your state and your state laws prevail. Don't bother about them. They will give you such misleading statements.

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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I took a $500.00 loan out paid it plus interest on my paid day . Then they sent me a text message on my phone asking me if I wanted to barrow more I said NO!! they sent it any way now they want me to pay an interest and a application fee and went into my checkbook for the 500 and wanted more I closed my accounts , Had to my direct deposit from my JOB, start a new checking account , New direct deposit, and still get harassing phone calls from these people how do you stop these annoying phone calls

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