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I'm in Tn..I have 5 payday loans.

1. Max lend
2. Zoca loans
3. Best choice 123
4.Blue Horizon
5. Myflex cash

All are online tribal loans..none are licensed in TN so I believe they are illegal..I paid back the original principle plus some interest on all. I read what was advised to do and sent notice to revoke ACH..I did notice some said that if I revoked ACH they would do remote that different from ACH? Also just wanted to make sure they were not legal loans. Thanks in advance!

Yes, they are not legal and licensed in Tn. if they do so, you can make a complaint against them. Ask then to send you a written "paid in full letter" since you have paid the principal amount.

Sub: #1 posted on Mon, 06/19/2017 - 06:06

sanderspatricia29 sanderspatricia29

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Thanks for replying! I got a reply email from bestchoice123 offering to do a settlement but I have paid them back double and,then some.

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Just wanted to say Thank you for all the helpful info on here! I have emailed all lenders, stopped ACH and closed my bank account and it feels so good knowing I got control back! For once I'm looking forward to payday!

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So update and any advice is appreciated. I emailed and sent notice of removing ACH authorization to all the payday lenders, and I closed my checking account. I have heard back from Bestchoice123 and at first they offered a settlement which i declined and we emailed back and forth with me sticking to my guns that my debt was paid in full, since then, no response. I received a response from Maxlend where they insisted they were legal (they arent) and I responded that my account was paid in full and no further payments would be honored at my bank. I have heard nothing from any of the others. I tried to log on all my accounts and they all still show like before with the exception of Maxlend which shows my loan is past due and a payoff amount.
So my question is this...Is it a good or bad thing if I dont get any responses from the others?
Also, when I closed my checking account this morning I was able to reverse payments that all the lenders took out Friday, so small victory there, when they realize they didnt get that last payment I assume I will hear from them all then, but does it normally take a couple of days for most to reach out after you revoke ACH?
Thanks in advance!

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Hi SF,

I am currently going through all of this with you. I am not as experienced, but I have noticed that only 1 of my illegal lenders responded within the time I requested, and that was Zoca Loans. The other illegal lenders have taken their time responding. It's been as much as a week that I've gotten a response. I would expect, that you definitely would like to get a response. They need to at least tell you that your account is "paid in full" or "debt is settled" etc. It just takes some time. I would recommend you to resend letters if you haven't heard from the lenders in at least 3-4 days.

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Whitney is right. keep sending them emails.

Sub: #6 posted on Tue, 06/20/2017 - 05:41

sanderspatricia29 sanderspatricia29

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Thanks Whitney! I did get a response from Zocaloans..they just tried to tell me they follow Fedeal both of us will get resolution soon!

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Update: I emailed all of the pdl again and received a paid in full from bestchoice123!

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You're doing great!! just keep patience and do what you're doing right now, keep putting the pressure on them.

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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Guys, go through this thread once. onsconcerning-achrev...

All your doubts about ACH revocation will be cleared. -regardinginternetl...

Check this thread too.

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ditchdebt ditchdebt

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