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Tried doing ACH Revocation and this is how it went

Welcome to an online chat session at Bank of America. Please hold while we connect you to the next available Bank of America Online Banking Specialist. Your chat may be monitored and recorded for quality purposes. Your current wait time is approximately 0 minutes. Thank you for your patience.
Chat InformationThank you for choosing Bank of America. You are now being connected to a Chat Specialist. For security purposes, please remember to close your chat window when completed.
Roxanne: Hello! Thank you for being a valued Bank of America customer! My name is Roxanne I will be delighted to assist you with your Personal Savings and Checking accounts. May I have your complete name?
You: Nathan Joe
Roxanne: Hello Nathan
Roxanne: How may I help you today?
You: Yes I have called several times and am having trouble doing an ACH Revocation to several accounts I have found to be operating illegally and want to stop ACH transactions immediately
Roxanne: I understand that you would like to place a Stop payment on the Automated clearing house transaction
Roxanne: I will certainly check this for you.
Roxanne: May I please know the amount of the transaction that you are referring to?
You: there are several, three for 90.00, one for 120.00 and one for 225.00
Roxanne: May I please know the date of $225.00 posted to the account
You: It is going to be posted tomarrow 4-26-2013
Roxanne: Please allow me few minutes while I check this for you.
You: Also it is not a stop payment which carries a fee, it is revoking ACH transactions completely which there should be no fee for as stated by REG E which is part of the FDIC
Roxanne: Could you please provide me with the merchant name for $90.00 and $120.00?
You: Vince Enterprises, Cactus Lending, L. GP Midland Companies, Loan Shop Online
Roxanne: One moment pleas
Roxanne: I apologize for the typo error.
Roxanne: Please*
You: No Problem, so far you have been the only helpful Bank of America associate i have been in contact with
Roxanne: Thank you so much
Roxanne: I have checked the details for you and I am glad to inform you that I will be able to place the Stop payment on these Automated clearing house transactions. There is a fee of $30.00 charged for placing a Stop payment.
Roxanne: Is that fine with you?
You: Is that for each transaction
Roxanne: Yes, Nathan.
Roxanne: It is for each Stop payment.
You: I am not doing a stop payment i am tryning to do a ACH Revocation which takes away the ability completely for them to try and ACH my account, I have already sent these merchants my ACH revocation letter, and this service should be free according to this
You: ACH revocation is Federal Law...REG E, which is part of the FDIC!!! § 205.10 Preauthorized transfers. (c) Consumer's right to stop payment--(1) Notice. A consumer may stop payment of a preauthorized electronic fund transfer from the consumer's account by notifying the financial institution orally or in writing at least three business days before the scheduled date of the transfer.
Roxanne: Please allow me few minutes while I check this for you.
You: Thank You
Roxanne: You are welcome.
Roxanne: May I please know whether you wish to place a cancel the transactions are going to be presented towards the account Or would you like to remove the Stop payment that is placed?
You: I dont understand your question sorry
Roxanne: May I please know whether you wish to place a Stop payment on the transaction that is going to be presented by the merchant?
You: Yes
Roxanne: Thank you for confirming.
Last text message receivedRoxanne: Nathan, for placing the Stop payment there will be a fee of $30.00 charged
You: Ok I will pay the fee, but iam going to print this chat for records to show my local branch manager tomarrow that i tried doing the ACH Revocation which should carry no fee

OK - I am just gonna say this once - You can not revoke ACH over the phone or via chat - You have to go into the bank, you want to talk to a manager.. You want to give them copies of your ACH revocation letters and you need to cover your ass by closing your account and opening a new one not linked in any way!! That is the only way to completely protect yourself.

Stop payments will not help you if they attempt to debit under another name which they will, it will not protect you when they try to debit for different amounts which they will...

Sub: #1 posted on Thu, 04/25/2013 - 15:44

HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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Ok thanks a bunch I am new to this and will do this first thing in the morning, I also got a weird response to one of the letters I sent

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njoe njoe

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Prestige Group customer service for Vince Enterprises

Telephone#: 877-878-2700

Fax#: 877-878-4700 (ATTN: Liz)

Office Hours: Monday – Thursday 8AM- 5:00 PM

Fridays 8AM – 4:00 PM Central Standard Time

Email: CustomerService@PRESTIGEGM. COM

Thank You. Have a fabulous day!

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njoe njoe

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I don't believe you were supposed to be copied on that.. That looks internal.. It appears that they have moved your due date to the 29th.. while they give them selves time to respond.. I would keep handy and if you have to resend them something - I would also include Steve in the loop as well as Liz and Customer Service. LOL

They have nicely admitted that you have over paid on the $300 principal by $150 though for you... LOL

Keep us posted on the bank -- BOA -- not always the easiest to work with!

Sub: #4 posted on Thu, 04/25/2013 - 15:57

HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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Thanks alot HELPinAZ you have been the most helpful person on this site and the battle has just begun, hahaha.

Sub: #5 posted on Thu, 04/25/2013 - 15:59

njoe njoe

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Glad to help - tell us how it goes at the bank.. that is very important to get done right away.. take your copies with you of the ones you have already sent out..

Sub: #6 posted on Thu, 04/25/2013 - 16:07

HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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OK will do, any advice on what to say if they tell me the same thing as the online teller

Sub: #7 posted on Thu, 04/25/2013 - 16:08

njoe njoe

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Remind them of the reg E - it is federal law that you be allowed to revoke ACH authorization - It is your right - also there are other banks that would be glad to have you open a new account with them!!

Sub: #8 posted on Thu, 04/25/2013 - 16:14

HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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Went into BOA today and tried revoking ACH and showed them my letters I sent to all my PDL and had no success. They keep telling me that they can do a stop payment for 30.00 and I keep trying to explain that i am not doing a stop payment im tryna do an ACH revocation. They keep telling me the same thing that I have to contact the PDL and tell them to remove it, I even mentioned that by law according to REG E that I have the right to revoke it but it seems like they keep ignoring me when I bring it up, any advice would help

Sub: #9 posted on Fri, 04/26/2013 - 19:47

njoe njoe

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Who are you talking to when you go to bank - ask for a manager.. if they refuse I would consider closing my account and go to another bank - BofA seems to have the largest problem doing what they are supposed to... You do have to send to the PDL also! you are not stopping individual payments you are revoking ACH authorizations fully.. not sure why they are not understanding..

Sub: #10 posted on Sat, 04/27/2013 - 03:56

HelpinAZ HelpinAZ
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