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Minnesota payday loans - online - please help!

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Hi... so I stupidly have taken out payday loans on two separate occasions now this year, with the first set of about $2,500 being paid off and now the second set totaling about $3,000.

I have now read up on Minnesota's payday loan laws and have not been able to find a single lender that I've used among the legal lenders here. I had no idea that internet lenders had to be licensed in each state and that any loans they provided to me would be illegal if they were not licensed.

I am hopeful someone can confirm this for me and advise on the next steps so I can stop the endless cycle of payments with no end.

Here's a list of my current payday loans and lenders:

  • CashCure ( - $800 principal + $176 interest (paid $528 with no principal reduction)
  • Integrity Payday Loans ( - $400 principal + $120 interest (paid $198 with no principal reduction)
  • United Cash Loans ( - $250 principal + $75 interest (paid $150 with no principal reduction)
  • AdvanceMeToday ( - $700 principal + $168 interest (no payments made yet)
  • Magnum Cash Advance ( - $549 principal (paid $511, still owe $361)
  • 247GreenStreet ( - $650 principal (pay total balance of $779 back each payday to zero account out)
  • Plain Green Loans ( - $800 principal (paid $1326, still owe $497)

I am planning on calling my bank tomorrow to see what I can do to stop the ACH payments to these lenders as I cannot see that a single one is legal. Hopefully, I may be able to recoup some or all of the money I've paid over and above the principal balance and I also plan on filing complaints against each of them with my Attorney General.

Thanks in advance for any help provided!

They are all illegal. Do not call your bank. Follow the link in my signature line for info on how to deal with them. You will need to go into a branch and talk with a manager once you have done the ACH revocation,

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I've now closed my account and begun the process of contacting each lender via email to advise them of their illegal status as a lender in Minnesota. So far I've received one response from

Here's what they had to say...

Dear Christopher,

Thank you for contacting us.

Please be aware that this is a St. Vincent company, St Vincent and the United States are both parties to the General Agreement on Trade in Services, a treaty which specifically permits companies in one country to make consumer loans to citizens of the other.

Under the treaty, we are only obligated to follow the federal laws of the United States. We are not required to obtain state licenses and individual state laws do not apply since the federal laws adopting this treaty supersede any state's laws on the subject.

If there is anything else we may do for you do not hesitate to contact us again.


Anthony Mora
Customer Support Specialist
Toll Free 888-408-4394
Fax 888-660-2984

Has anyone else had an issue like this or heard of federal treaties/laws superseding state laws with regard to payday lenders? Thanks for any help!

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kolbfam2004 kolbfam2004

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It is a crock of dog do do.

Your response.

Dear AdvanceMeToday

Thank you for your response. Please save your so called treaty crap for some other un-educated consumer. I am not a resident of St Vincent, have never lived on St Vincent and quite, frankly have no intention of visiting it. I live in Minnesota and the only laws that apply to me are the laws of the State of Minnesota and United States of America. You know this as well as I do. You are not licensed by the state of Minnesota or anywhere else in the USA. I owe you principal and not a penny more.

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Just wanted to post an update...

Received an email from Plain Green Loans yesterday trying to give me the run around about how they were exempt from Minnesota state law because they're tribal... blah, blah, blah... but that they have decided to close my account with them and mark it paid in full. Nothing said about the $806.42 they owe me for overpayment.

Here's the email...

[QUOTE]Dear Mr. Kolb:

Your correspondence has been directed to me for review.

We are sorry you are not satisfied with your Plain Green Loan. After reviewing your account history, we are willing to consider the account paid in full and will close your account from further activity.

To further clarity your questions regarding the legality of this loan, Plain Green is organized under the laws of the Chippewa-Cree Tribe of the Rocky Boy???s Indian Reservation of Montana (???Chippewa-Cree???). Plain Green is owned by the Chippewa-Cree, and operates exclusively on land owned by the Chippewa-Cree. As such, Plain Green stands as an ???Arm of the Tribe,??? in the view of the United States state and federal courts. Therefore, loans made by an arm of a sovereign Indian nation are not subject to state law. This is NOT a payday loan.

This letter is written to help you understand that Plain Green and its loan contracts are governed exclusively by the laws of the Chippewa-Cree.

Pursuant to your request, we have removed your contact numbers from our system and we will make no further ACH debits from your account.

If you would like to contact me directly, please feel free to do so at extension 2739. If I do not hear from you, I will consider this matter closed.

Thank you again for your time and consideration.

Plain Green Loans
866-420-7159 FAX[/QUOTE]

Should I respond back with a demand for the refund, or be happy to have it finished? Any advice would be helpful... Thanks again

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kolbfam2004 kolbfam2004

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You can try for a refund but I doubt they will do a search of this forum.

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Thanks... that's what I figured but I thought I'd ask here first to be sure. I'd love to get that money back but at this point, just having it paid in full and not having to continue with those ridiculous payments is a win for me.

Sub: #6 posted on Wed, 08/01/2012 - 08:02

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