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I took out a loan with this company called united cash loans and they are ripping me off slowly. They took 90.00 out of my acct on the 22nd of Aug and i didnt have enough money in there so they charged me 30 plus my banking fees of $25. I then emailed them and told them not to take anymore out until Sat the 30th and they didnt listen and took money out again today and i didnt have any money in there and the same thing, 30 plus 25. I then called them and the guy had no clue as to what was going on and brushed me off. I then decided i was turning them in to the BBB and when i called them back, the guy told me there was no address for them, what? How can you run a business with no address? I need to get some answers as to what to do or who to turn them into besides the BBB, i talked to the BBB today and the guy there seemed like he was on their side. I guess ill have to close out my checking acct, i hope they dont bother me at my job, thats my next worry. Thanks Trace

Dealing with online payday lenders can be quite difficult but do not let them fustrate you. Here is an address for the company
United Cash Loans
3531 P Street NW
Miami, OK 74355
PO BOX 111
Miami, OK 74355
Phone 800-230-9480
Fax 800-803-8794
email: compliancedepartment(at)

A couple of things about the BBB for one all they are going to do is take your complaint and forward it to the contact person listed. They really don't get involved with the complaint. I would use them as a source of information and a way to get your complaint to the right person. Once the company responds (if they do at all), they will forward that to you and let you know what your options are at that time.
Also when the company drafted you acct on 8/22, they realized the funds were not available and automatically ran the debit again. They will give you some crap about it being in the original paper work.
Have you contacted your bank about stopping the drafts from this company?

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bdouble bdouble

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Trace, what state are you in? I hate to tell you this but closing your account is the only way to get them to stop. You do need to be sure when you close your account that if UCL keeps debiting it will not force your account open. Also, when you stop paying them they will call you so be prepared.

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RoxyNY RoxyNY
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RoxyNY's advice is the best; close your account. See other posts on this site about closing your bank account before you do so. And when you go to the bank, try to talk to a manager - tell them what's going on, I'm sure they've heard it before. Also be sure to check that they don't charge return fees on debits that don't go through when the account is closed. I'd also add do NOT tell United Cash Loans ahead of time that you're going to close the account or they'll go in and take whatever money they can get beforehand.

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United Cash Loans are ILLEGAL as all HELL :evil: Please follow the advice of others and close your bank account immediately. This will hopefully stop all unauthorized charges from them. If you cannot close your account, try and put a ACH block on it against them. Hang in their it will clear up soon enough! :P

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