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I sure hope someone here can help me. I've read through a lot of the posts here, and am unsure of the current status of Cash Cure, as a Lender, in illinois. Previously I had read (here and elsewhere) that they weren't license to lend here, and therefore any payday loan issued by them was deemed illegal. I had received a 700 dollar loan at the beginning of July, 2013, and have been paying 200$ on a bi-monthly basis. This has been crushing me, and after looking further into the matter, I Froze my account with Chase, so as to prevent CashCure from depleting my direct deposit coming in 2 days. Being "frozen" allows no one to withdraw but me, and I have to go into a Chase branch and present my photo ID to access funds. They will close that account on Friday, ove the Deposited funds to a newly opened account. Did I do the right thing? The more I read of these stories I'm becoming sick to my stomach. Ultimately, my question Is the loan I received from CASh CUre LLC illegal under the Law of Illinois? Did I do the right thing in Freezing my account until I can open a new one? What Will happen with CashCURe? What should I say to Them? It was my understanding (from what I could gather online) that the loan was illegal in Illinois, and I should close or freeze my account immediately, to prevent further access to my funds. I sure hope I didn't do the wrong thing, anybody able to help my mind rest...please?
Thanks in advance,

I would also like to know if Cash Cure has any legal standing in Illinois? What if they sell my information to another company that DOES have a license to issue payday loans, does the loan from CashCure suddenly become LEGALLY valid??
I am not overpaying anymore than I already have (which was the full amount that I had taken a loan for) and I closed my accounts.
What's next? Can a company that they sell my information to somehow garner legal action against me for not paying the interest/fees? Am I scott-free? please help!

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I'm the original poster, just to clarify, The loan that I received for 700, was a 2nd loan (which was refinanced from the 1st loan, after I way overpaid that one for months). On this current 700$ loan, made in July, Ive made 6 payments of 200$. I'm really stressing now, having come from the banmk where I froze my account (which I was told would prevent anyone from withdrawing funds, yet enable my already scheduled direct deposit to go thru friday morning, which I will then go into the bank and move said deposit to a new account, and close the old one.) While everything I've read here told me to close the account immediately, I'm questioning If I did the right thing, I know this is gonna be tough to manage, as these lenders are feeding off us and more and more people are fighting back. I've paid the principal, but it has zero impact (my current balance is $683.00 on a $700 loan, after 6 payments of 200$) I've tried to find out if Cash Cure is legally lending in Illinois, but can't seem to find any site, even through the attorney generals site.

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cash cure is not legal anywhere as they are you did do the right thing and anybody they sell the debt off to you can c&d as no matter what the loan was illegal.also you can apply anything paid over the principle on the first loan to this one as an illegal gets only the principle,and they are lucky to get that.please register so you can track your posts better.last thing you owe nothing as two points.

1)the interest is illegal s it is 15.00 for every hundred borrowed
2)no rollovers are allowed

so you had 6 200 debits?then not only do you not owe,but they owe you yes you did good in securing/closing your account.again register so we can easily help you further.

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Thank you Paul,
But what if they claim it isn't, in fact, a payday loan? They are still illegal, as they are not licensed lenders in Illinois, correct? So, no matter what they claim, I'm good in that I ceased the ACH's, and can proceed with attempting to recover my over payments from both loans? Thank you so much

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Oh, and I will Register for the forums, this evening, once I get to my home computer. Which is also when I will download the form letter, which I will be filling in my details and sending to Cash Cure Customer service, this evening as well, so they have it right when they realize I've stopped their account access. Any idea on how they "CashCure" will react? As in If I'm cordial will they be as well, and not fight the refund? Just curious and understand you may not know. I did try and search the site for Cash CUre, but couldn't locate any info. Thanks again Paul, your words are extremely boosting to my confidence!

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they must inform you of that fact.besides they are not in the licensee database for that either,and any lender no matter what must be licensed so they are not legal at all.

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Original poster here! SO I registered, and wanted to check in and thank yall, and give an update. I had emailed Cash Cure, using the Form letter found here on the forum (from Soap Girl?), informing CC that their loan was illegal, I was revoking ACH, had overpaid, and requested a refund. It took about a week, and I received a form email from them immediately after submitting mine (their's saying "we'll review your account, etc." After waiting about a week, I received an email stating that my account(s) were "paid in full", and that they'd be sending a refund cheque for the overpayments. I'm absolutely astounded, and would like to thank anyone invoved with this website, for it's existence, and notably Paul, for giving me the metal fortitude to proceed and take my life back! Thank you!! To anyone in a similar situation, follow the directions of these fine people, and GO FOR IT! You can get out from under these messes! I can't believe how long I went, blindly cooperating with being shaken down on a bi-monthly basis, solely because I was too ashamed to take a stand and stop the leaking! I thought I was taking responsibility for my actions of receiving the loan(s), but these entities play on that component of our character, and stack the odds in their favor. I feel so rejuvenated and my confidence restored. ALthough, I do have one remaining question. Seeing as these loans are illegal, and one can get out of them by taking a few steps, has anyone seen individuals turn the tables and begin to abuse the lenders, taking advantage of revoking ACH's and the illegal nature of the loans? I mean, a lot of the advice here states "Illegals get principal only, and are lucky to get that," so realistically, what legal actions could they take on someone who gets the loan, closes their account, and simply plays the "F. U. Card"? I'm definitely not going to do this, but it just seems like we may be in this weird limbo state wherein these entities are still lending, and haven't been shut down yet, but their clampdown is coming. Again, thanks everyone for your help! This forum's existence alone served to bolster my confidence and spirit!

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Glad we were able to help!!

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