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i have this company in California calling me and telling me i owe them for a pay day loan i took out is 2006 my bank has no deposit coming in on that day they wont send me any information on it i even went to a loan officer to get the money but they wont tell her anything either they want me to give them a credit card aor debit card number to take care of it the number i have for them is 310 499-9984 they tell me there name is legal affidavit company and there add but they wont tell me anything about the company i owe other than the name is suppose to be us national bank they say inveticaters will be comeing to talk to me wht shoud i so. it has been two years if i owed them money why didnt they contact me before and they say they sent emails but i never got them what should i do

When it is a payday loan...then we have to know that which state you live in because every state has its own Pdl laws.

As the pdl company is asking for the money, so you can send a debt validation letter through a certified mail. You can get a sample DV letter HERE.

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phoenix phoenix
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This is a scam, please refer to the link below about US National Bank. lbank-ocl.html

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Shazzers Shazzers
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the same exact thing just happened to me.I think its a scam hey won't tell me nothing onley la california that the name of the company is national process division and he give affidavides or whatever...funny thing we had no bank account at the time he said we did it and paid all our debt.......scam scam scam.i called bbb fbi,and all credit burors and closed my asccount.they had all our info includingg ss number i'm going to get to the bottom of this and if they are legit put them out of business

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the number we have is 231-992-3503

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the number I got is 818-255-7414. They are harrassing me at work but won't give any information. Who are these people. My story sounds the same.

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They are scam, please read the information at the link in Shazzer's post, a lot of people here have dealt with them at one time or another, myself included

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dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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