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53 yr. old 100% disabled cardiac patient. I borrowed $200 from VIP Loans last Nov. The payment was $75.00 a month. My daughter needed the money at college and on a fixed income it's all I can do to help her through college. I made 6 paments at $75.00 and paid it off. That's $450.00 for a 200 dollar loan. Not real smart but beggars can't be choosers. Recently, last month, she needed $300. I contacted VIP loans again. I said I needed $300.00 on the same terms as last time. Roughly $37.50 per 100 dollars borrowed for 6 months. or $102.50 a month. The sent me an email the day before they intended to debit my account for $164 and some change. I called the bank, paid the $32.50 for the stop payment and thwarted their attempt to draft my account. I was wondering if 1. They are licensed in the state of Oklahoma and 2. How they can say they have my signature on a contract stating that I agreed to that. Mysteriously the contract they sent me never would open, and they put the money in my account. I have no problem paying them back at $70-75 per month. I do have a problem paying $164. a month for 6 months for a $300.00 loan. Any help out here?

Which VIP loan did you borrow from? There is more than one when I do a google search. However I just did a search of the Nevada licensing data base and nothing comes up under VIP. So, we can assume they are illegal. Follow the instructions in the link in my signature line.
And tell your kid to get a job.

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