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I need help i am going under and am unable to pay bills becuase of these I live in NC and what are my laws?

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i think PDL'S are totally prohibited in NC.if so all four acted illegaly loaning to you.if you could provide the following.

how much paid total to each

if PDL'S are prohibited you owe the principal borrowed,that is

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paulmergel paulmergel
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anybody got any ideas??

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Hello and welcome to the community! I am going to go ahead and post your pdl laws, in the meantime, I have a suggestion for you. Type the name of the pdl company into the search box which is located in the upper right hand corner of this forum, a list of topics will come up and if you go through them you can gather some information which will help you figure out whether they are legal to lend or not, also, it will give you some insight on how others have dealt with these companies. :)

North Carolina State Information

Legal Status: Prohibited (N.C. Gen. Stat. ???? 53-281 authorizing payday loans allowed to sunset in 2001)

The consumer finance act applies. N.C. Gen. Stat. ???? 53-173

Small Loan Rate Cap
36% per year

Where to Complain, Get Information:
Regulator: North Carolina Attorney General (See also Commissioner of Banks)
Address: NC Attorney General's Office 9001 Mail Service Center Raleigh NC 27699-9001
Phone: (919) 716-6400
Regulatory Contact:

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Shazzers Shazzers
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i knew pdl's were totally prohibited,now how you proceed is up
to you.we here advocate you pay the principle borrowed.that is
all you owe.i would go about making sure your bank account is
either closed or secure.if not closed then put it on deposits only
or a hard debit block.then you can go about making payment

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paulmergel paulmergel
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You need to send letters to each revoking all ACH priveliges. You also need to go into your bank and speak with the bank manager about shutting down your account and fully blocking it from all transactions. According to the NC law that was posted those loans were made illegally and in my opinion legally you would owe them nothing. I would suggest you get your finances in order and then pay back only the amount you borrowed minus whatever you already paid them.

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They are licensed (I believe in the state of Utah), however, since pdl's are prohibited in your state, all you are obligated to pay back is the principal amount you borrowed. That means you only owe them $140.00. Have you done anything with your checking account yet? You really need to send letters to these pdl's and revoke ACH authorization, and wage assignments. We can give you a sample letter to use if you would like. First though, you need to go open a new checking account at a different bank and close your current one. Please read below before you close your account.

Before you close your bank account due to payday loans eating away at your paycheck, please read this.

Some banks have a policy regarding ach transactions that allows them to force open closed accounts if any ach transactions go through within a certain time frame after the account is closed. This can leave you owing a legal bank $1,000's and reported to chexsystems, instead of owing barely legal (or not at all legal) payday loan companies. Not a good thing. Ask your bank what their policy is on ach transactions on closed accounts before you close the account. It's best to go in person and talk to a branch manager.

If your bank does have this policy, tell them your situation. Don't be embarrassed. Take letters with you showing that you have revoked authorization for each of your payday loan companies to debit your account. Tell the bank to put your account on deposit only, an ach block, or a hard hold before they close the account. Your bank can do one of those, don't take no for an answer. This will prevent any payday loan ach's from reopening the bank account.

It'a always best to close your bank account. Leaving it open gives ways for the payday loan companies to continue to take money out. These companies have many different dba's, so blocking them won't work. They will also produce paper checks and run them through your account. Closing the account is the best way to prevent these companies from taking money out of your account.

Some state laws do allow for prosecution if you close your bank account, but that is usually in cases of fraud. But it's always best to check with your state's attorney general or department of financial institution before you close your account. You want to make sure you are not causing more heacaches!

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Miami OK 74354-8224
PO Box 111
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Miami OK 74355

Fax: 1-800-230-9480

United Cash Loans

3531 P St. NW
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Phone 800-354-0602


2207 CONCORD PIKE #449

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Shazzers Shazzers
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I am going to be moving this topic to the payday loan section.

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Shazzers Shazzers
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I have opened up a new account with another bank so i can at least pay my basic bills housing and so forth. My bank with the PDL has put a deposit only block on my account so now i just have to pay off what i owe them in NSF fees before i can actually close it out.

EZPAYDAYCASH i did tell them about being illegal in NC and that i only owed them the principal and they basically ignored me and said the would be escalating the collection effort. I am basically on pins and needles everytime the phone rings.

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