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I need help with these two companies. What are the laws in the state of CA? For P.L.Y. I borrowed $350 and have paid them a total of $685 as if today. For WWC I borrowed $200 and have paid $890 as of today. I never receive the emails they promise to send instructing them what to deduct (i.e. just the fee, etc.) so they just keep taking the $89. P.L.Y. set up payment arrangements on my balance of $590!! How can a balance be $590 on $350 loan? Any help is appreciated.

You need to block this company from your account. Look at the posting on Sticky for state laws on the first page of forums and search your state laws. Your balance should not be $590 if the loan was $350 and this is an illegal company more than like ly it is because rollover finace is not allowed in CA? How much have you paid? You may have already paid the prinicpal back in finance charges, send a cease and desist and cooperate with them through mail.

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I did find the state laws and have emailed them asking that they write this off and send me a PIF, otherwise I will take appropriate action.

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P.L.Y will add on the intrest that came back to them. Have any of the fees not gone through your bank? Have you closed your bank account??

Example. I had a loan with them and the fee of 105 bounced back to them so then I got a 30 NSF fee on top then they took a check for 590.00 on my 350.00 loan! They told me that since the one fee bounced back to them that was added on there plus another fee of 105 for renewing the loan, which I guess they just added b/c they felt like it b/c my loan was already in collections! The man I spoke too wasn't very nice so I just hung up, lol!

Also, the check came through as First National Services, which is a real company but not affilated with Pay Day Loan yes....I called the First National Services myself! I think they are shaddy, Pay Day loan yes!

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