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Anyone heard of srg. She calld and told me I owed 1000.00 on crdit card from 1994. I told her I knew of no debt and she would have to send me validation of debt. She said she could not because it has been in collections for so long. I told her without it there would be no payment. She starting yelling at me so I yelled back and she hung up on me. Does thos sound like a scam and is what I did ok

from 1994?yes it is a scam as it is well"time barred"if she can't,or doesn't want to send a dunning letter then ignore her.if she persists file AG,AND FTC complaints.btw as stated before you don't request validation over the first request basic info(thus the dunning letter)then you send a DV letter.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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Thanks for all your help. Still learning all this information.the forums are alotof help

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vaboy12 vaboy12

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The debt may be time barred from legal action but legally the poster still owes it. 1st notice was probably sent to the address on file. The poster needs to send a cease and desist letter.

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