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Zoca Loans. Payback loaned amount or interest?

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I am applying for a Zoca Loan and i am requesting a loan for $1000 but in the fine print it says ill owe $157.78 for 28 weeks which would make me be paying back $4,416.68. Reading reviews from other questions. Will I only be responsible to pay back the $1000 or have to pay the additional $3,416.68?

Zoca loan is the tribal lenders. So, you just need to pay the principal amount. Don't pay a single extra penny. If they still ask you for the interest on the loan, make a complaint against them to your State's Attorney general. Also, revoke the ACH authorization.

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Sanders Patricia Sanders Patricia

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Not only Zoca loan, but most of the tribal and payday lenders set up similar kind of terms while lending these short term loans. That's do as sanderspatricia29 suggested you earlier. You should be paying back only the principal amount...that's it.

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tiarajoseph11 tiarajoseph11

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Once I pay back the $1000 Principal amount, I wont have to pay back a single penny?

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michaelms012 michaelms012

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I also read on their website that they prohibit lending in Colorado in which I currently live for the summer. Can I get in trouble for this for them lending to me?

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michaelms012 michaelms012

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Yes. You can get into big trouble if you borrow money from Zoca loans. They are tribal lenders. First of all, they won't leave you at peace after paying off the principal amount. They will send you the loan agreement and ask you pay the interest. They are prohibited from lending in various states. Do you know that? Listen, if you need money, go to a credit union. They lend money at low interest rates.

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How do I revoke ACH authorization

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Banks actually calls this a stop payment and most of them will charge you $30 or more to do this. Its a pain in the ass but I would close your bank account and open a new one.

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Chere Oliver Chere Oliver

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