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I've had a thread before ---- but I've tried doing a few things with my PDL's before I posted anything else.

I have several questions --- but let me refresh my scenario.

I live in Ohio. I have the following PDL's which are all either defaulted or on EPPs except for one online PDL.

Check Into Cash 912.50(EPP - 1`st Pmt July 2008)
Check N Go 912.50 (EPP - 1st Pmt July 2008)
Quik Cash 575.00 (EPP - 1st Pmt 8/15/2008)
Cashland 912.50(Defaulted - 1st Pmt to begin 8/30)
Purpose Money 912.50(Defaulted - don't know how I'm going to pay)

BIG Int'l $200 + Fee (Defaulted)
ACH Loan - $200 + Fee (Defaulted)
Quickets Cash Adv (MTE) $300 + fee (defaulted)
Magnum Cash Adv ($387 -- will take payments until I can get them paid in full in October - defaulted)
World Wide Cash - $200 paid $89 fee (Haven't defaulted on this one yet)

I'm doing my best to get all the storefront loans paid.

What can the internet payday lenders legally do to me for defaulting?

My Credit Cards and loans are now falling 1 month behind -- but I just don't have the $ to pay all of them. I really don't want a judgement against my wages --- because my employer has a clause that employeers shall not have any garnishments of wages (other than child support) in their handbook rules ---- or they could face termination.

My next question is do the illegal lenders report you to any kind of credit bureau or anything?

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If they do, you can dispute

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Does disputing actually help? I've heard that once it's on there it's really hard to get off.

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I have had pdl yes report me to the credit bureuas, they sent my acct off three times, and each of the places sent it to the credit bureuas, i am in the process of getting them removed, i disputed all of them, and one has come off so far, just waiting on the rest!

From what I have heard they have to supply a contract or something. I not a hundred percent sure on how it works, but so far 1 has come off and the other 2 are still in investigation.

I will update you though as to what happens. Have you sent your letters off?

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danilewis82 danilewis82

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I'm not sure where you may have heard it was difficult to get pdl's off of your report but it's incorrect. At least in my case. Just make sure you keep all your paper work to submit to the CRA's. Also, I would venture to say that illegal pdl's would be easily disputed with a CRA, with you being in Ohio, none of your Internet lenders seem to be licensed. I couldn't find a license for any of them. :)

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Shazzers Shazzers
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thats great news shazzers!!!

get those letters out, if you haven't already :)

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danilewis82 danilewis82

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I plan to get all the letters out today ---- hopefully I can get addresses for all of them. Because not all of them are willing to give you a physical address to send certified receipt. Does email work as well?

I have just been so nervous about all this ----- I don't sleep well :-(

As far as magnum willing to work with me ----- the emails I have received are from Cash Call.

Do you guys know anything about quickest-cash-advance (I believe they are a part of MTE Financial)? They said they were going to send me to an outside collection agency.

You said BIG and ACH Loan are international. I know that the World Wide Cash is based in the United Kingdom.

I just hope I can get through all of this ---- especially with the storefront's --- so I can get my credit cards back on track. I'm half tempted to call them and explain the situation to them as far as why I am behind.

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I would deal with the legal lenders first, the store fronts. They're usually willing to work with you if you remain pro-active. :)

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Shazzers Shazzers
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You need to send them out as many ways as possible, when I sent mine I sent them via fax, email, and certified mail (that is really the best way, so you have proof)

And yes BIG and ACH are intn, and they are scum!!! Just use your search engine and read up on BIG, they are the WORST! ACH is right behind them.

I know this can be a stressful time, but try and relax a little, you are going to have to after you send those letters out because you will start to get phone calls trying to intimidate you, so you have to be able to stand your ground with those scumbags (the illegal ones) cause they will try and tell you everything under the sun!!

Good luck, and keep us posted

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danilewis82 danilewis82

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I really do not want them calling me at work. That would be the absolute worst.

I have intents to pay the principal in October --- but nothing more.

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