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I've had a thread before ---- but I've tried doing a few things with my PDL's before I posted anything else.

I have several questions --- but let me refresh my scenario.

I live in Ohio. I have the following PDL's which are all either defaulted or on EPPs except for one online PDL.

Check Into Cash 912.50(EPP - 1`st Pmt July 2008)
Check N Go 912.50 (EPP - 1st Pmt July 2008)
Quik Cash 575.00 (EPP - 1st Pmt 8/15/2008)
Cashland 912.50(Defaulted - 1st Pmt to begin 8/30)
Purpose Money 912.50(Defaulted - don't know how I'm going to pay)

BIG Int'l $200 + Fee (Defaulted)
ACH Loan - $200 + Fee (Defaulted)
Quickets Cash Adv (MTE) $300 + fee (defaulted)
Magnum Cash Adv ($387 -- will take payments until I can get them paid in full in October - defaulted)
World Wide Cash - $200 paid $89 fee (Haven't defaulted on this one yet)

I'm doing my best to get all the storefront loans paid.

What can the internet payday lenders legally do to me for defaulting?

My Credit Cards and loans are now falling 1 month behind -- but I just don't have the $ to pay all of them. I really don't want a judgement against my wages --- because my employer has a clause that employeers shall not have any garnishments of wages (other than child support) in their handbook rules ---- or they could face termination.

I'm just not so sure I can keep all this up for 2 months with the EPPs. I need gas money --- food money and a little for the unexpected things for the kids since school is starting.

I'm really worried about the new Ohio PDL Law too ----- nobody can say exactly how it is going to affect everyone. I sure hope they don't get enough legitimate signatures for it to even be put on the ballot in November. If it does ---- I pray to God that it is voted down!

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Have you revoked voluntary wage assignments with all of the illegal PDLs? (It sounds like you have payment arrangements with the legal ones.) You also need to give a copy of the revocation to your employer, in case they try to put one through anyway.

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How fast do they try and put through wage assignments? It's been about 2 weeks since I have defaulted.

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How fast do they try and put through wage assignments? It's been about 2 weeks since I have defaulted.

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Here is the deal with Magnum Cash Advance:

5/18 Borrowed $585
7/2 Advanced Additional $218.17 (Before Loan was paid in full)
Total Borrowed: $803.17

Paid: 239.91 5/30
239.91 6/13
239.91 6/30

Total Paid: 719.73

Would this mean I am only obligated to pay $83.44 of the Principal that is left?

They said I still owe $387.00.

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My Quickest Cash advance PDL, I believe is starting to haunt me. Of course the first girl I had left messages for because they are only in the office until 5pm (I don't get out of work til after 5), got snotty and said they will not set up an arrangement via email. Which is a line of crap to me. Do they just not want anything in writing?

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I know you are all busy --- could you answer my question about magnum cash advance? Also is there somewhere I can get the addresses for these places ---- except magnum.

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I know you have all been busy ---- but some feedback on the last few posts would be greatly appreciated

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I'm not a PDL expert, but if the PDL is not legal in your state, then I don't think they can force you to pay back anything. I would just tell them that you have discovered that they are not legally able to lend to residents of your state, but that you are willing to pay back the full principal amount borrowed, via money order only, in exchange for a PIF.

As for getting addresses, try typing in "name address" in the search box at the upper right of the screen. For example, "Magnum Cash address." If others have found and posted the addresses, you should be able to find them that way.

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I wasn't sure if you knew this or not about Cash Call, you can read more about it HERE

To all those looking for information regarding Cash Call:

Cash Call is NOT a payday loan! They are backed by a bank.

Federal Law allows them to operate when backed by an FDIC insured bank in any state without a seperate license. Federal law also allows them to import the interest rates from their home state.

Since they aren't a pdl, they don't follow the same laws. Cash Call will sue someone if they don't pay, and they will win because they are 100% legal.

Since they are backed by an FDIC insured bank, usually First Bank of Deleware, they are allowed to import their interest rates from their home state. So the interest rate of 99.24% is totally 100% LEGAL.

This company sucks! They are evil, evil, evil. If you don't pay them, they will sue you. But they won't sue you right away. They will wait a few months so that your balance ballons up, then sue you because they know that once a judgement has been entered against you they will not get their 99.24% interest any longer.

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