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Personal Credit Services - Do they scam consumers?

Personal Credit Services help consumers to get loans. They direct consumers to the right lenders so that they can easily take out a loan. Glance through the sections below to get an idea about what consumers have to say about Personal Credit Services.

Major complaints against Personal Credit Services

Here are some of the major complaints consumers have made about Personal Credit Services.

  • Personal Credit Services scams: One consumer complained that Personal Credit Services (PCS) is a scam because they charge upfront fees to help consumers get a loan. For example, if a consumer gets a loan of about $1000, then the company would charge a fee of about $200. The consumer would only get $800. Learn more
  • Loan application rejected: One consumer complained that his loan application was rejected by every lender on the list even though he paid the fee. He had to send all the loan declined notices to PCS to recover the money he paid them. Learn more
  • Credit score ruined: Another consumer said that he had sent $500 to the company. But he didn't get approved for a loan. When he contacted PCS to get his money back, they refused to return the money. They advised him to apply to other lenders, which would damage his credit score even more. Find out more
  • No refund: One consumer complained that he paid $200 to the company but only one lender approved his loan application. He had applied for a $15000 loan but he got only a 300 credit card. He tried to get his money back for around 3 months, but with no success.Learn more
  • No one replies: Another consumer said that he was a victim of a Personal Credit Services scam. He received an email from the company informing him that he would get a loan of about $6000 by paying a $600 security deposit. He paid the security deposit but didn't get the loan. He called them million times but has been unable to get a proper reply. Learn more

Ways to deal with Personal Credit Services

Here's what you can do if Personal Credit Services contacts you:

  • Do your homework: If you have received any advertising mail from Personal Credit Services then you should research the company first. It is easy to be attracted to these offers when you are in need of money but you should gather as much information about the company as you can before working with them. Go through their client testimonials to learn whether the company's prior customers are satisfied with their services.
  • Check with BBB: It is always better to check out a company with the BBB. You can visit BBB's website and learn about accreditation, customer complaints, contact details, type of business, etc. It is advisable to deal with a BBB accredited business.
  • Never give out your personal information: You should never reveal personal details (bank account number, social security number, etc.) to the company because revealing this information could cause you problems later.

What to do if you're scammed by Personal Credit Services

If you have been scammed by Personal Credit Services, then contact your State's Attorney General as soon as possible. If you have paid an upfront fee to the company and your loan application has been turned down by the lenders recommended by them, then report it to the attorney general who will take the necessary steps against the company.

Contact details of Personal Credit Services

You can contact Personal Credit Services at:

321 Dante Court
Suite #A1
Holbrook, NY 11741

Phone Number: (516) 238-6199
(631) 930-6422

Fax Number: (631) 240-5879

i applied with pcs for a loan the email i got had ...
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i applied with pcs for a loan the email i got had a link it and i went to this and this what it said.
Here are the results of your loan inquiry. We have researched the following lenders and have determined that you will be approved for up to the amount you seek. See Guarantee below:

Lender # 1: Maximum up to $ 25,000.00-$ 30,000.00 as a personal loan.
Interest rates start at 8% and up.
Lender # 2: Maximum up to $ 5,000.00-$ 25,000.00 as a personal loan.
Interest rates start at 7.0% and up.
Lender # 3: Maximum up to $ 3,000.00-$ 15,000.00 as a personal loan.
Interest rates start at 6.25% and up.
Lender # 4: Maximum up to $ 4,000.00-$ 25,000.00 as a personal loan.
Interest rates start at 4.75% and up.
Lender # 5: Maximum up to $ 6,000.00-$ 12,000.00 as a personal loan.
Interest rates start at 8.5% and up.
Lender # 6: Maximum up to $ 500.00-$ 10,000.00 as a personal loan.
Interest rates start at 4.8% and up.
Lender # 7: Maximum up to $ 5,000.00 as a line of credit.
Interest rates from 9.99%.
Lender # 8: Maximum up to $ 1,500.00 as a line of credit.
Interest rate 18.9%.
Lender # 9: Maximum up to $ 20,000.00 as a line of credit.
Interest rates from 2.9%.
Lender # 10: Maximum up to $ 1,000.00 as a line of credit.
Interest rates up to 18.9%.
(Personal loans usually last for 1-5 years, sometimes 6-7 if desired.
Terms and conditions are subject to change at lender's discretion.)
You can ask for any amount you wish starting at $ 250.00. You must indicate how much you want, and you will need to send us a referral fee based on the schedule below. If you apply to these lenders you will be approved for up to the amount you request or we will reimburse your fee based on the amount you are actually approved for collectively from the lenders. The fee that Personal Credit charges is for the information that Personal Credit provides. If you wish us to release the information on these lenders to you, we will need to receive the proper referral fee that is due according to the following schedule:

$ 200.00 AND $ 1,000.00 Regular Fee=$150.00 Early Bird Fee=$ 75.00
$ 1,001.00 AND $ 2,500.00 Regular Fee=$ 200.00 Early Bird Fee=$100.00
$ 2,501.00 AND $ 5,000.00 Regular Fee=$250.00 Early Bird Fee=$125.00
$ 5,001.00 AND $ 7,500.00 Regular Fee=$300.00 Early Bird Fee=$150.00
$ 7,501.00 AND $10,000.00 Regular Fee=$350.00 Early Bird Fee=$175.00
$10,001.00 AND $12,500.00 Regular Fee=$400.00 Early Bird Fee=$200.00
$12,501.00 AND $15,000.00 Regular Fee=$500.00 Early Bird Fee=$250.00
$15,001.00 AND $20,000.00 Regular Fee=$600.00 Early Bird Fee=$300.00
$20,500.00 AND $25,000.00 Regular Fee=$700.00 Early Bird Fee=$350.00
$25,500.00 AND $30,000.00 Regular Fee=$800.00 Early Bird Fee=$400.00
Anything over $30,000.00 Regular Fee=$1,000.00 Early Bird Fee=$500.00

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: If you pay the referral fee within 15 days from the date of this email, you only need to send the Early Bird Fee. If we receive payment after 15 days then we require the regular fee.

So i know from reading the boards and such that this is a scam like everything else i mean why should i pay money out to get money? that never made sense to me. i learned that when i tried to get loan with 200cash or someone like that where they charged a processing fee that i didn't know about and they took out 15 odd dollars and i didn't get approved. but just wanted a let you all know you probably already did but i didn't know.

Never Never Never send money to receive a loan. If it wasn't a scam, then they'd just take the fee out of the money you'd receive..I.E. if you're approved for $1,000 and the fee is $200, then you'd receive $800.

Sub: #1 posted on Mon, 06/12/2006 - 05:28

Jessi Jessi

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ok i figured it was a scam. i've always thought that way why pay money to get loan if you paid money fo rthe loan then what was the whole purpose of getting the loan right

Sub: #2 posted on Mon, 06/12/2006 - 09:30

identity_crisis04 identity_crisis04

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I was so desperate that I was trying anything, I sent them $125 and got declined by every lender they had on that list. And in order to bet my money back I have to submit all of my declined notices to them.

Sub: #3 posted on Mon, 06/12/2006 - 11:57


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PLEASE stay away from places like this...I was out $500 for being so uninformed...thanks to DebtCC I will never make this mistake again!! :)

Sub: #4 posted on Mon, 06/12/2006 - 12:15

Seeing_the_Light Seeing_the_Light

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No legitimate lender will charge you an up front fee! These creeps are thieves.

Sub: #5 posted on Mon, 06/12/2006 - 12:37

finsfan13 finsfan13
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i sent them $175 and found out the same thing but did you all know if we jall contact the attorney general in new york we can stop this company we did not pay for a loan we paid to have them find us a lender who would give us a loan but it is still a scam we were turned down also please contact new york attornet general they will help

Sub: #6 posted on Fri, 03/16/2007 - 16:59


I sent them $500. I didn't get a loan. I sent all of the information they requested to get back my 100% guarentee. They told me that wasn't suffient. They wanted me to apply to even more company which was ruining my credit even more. Then they emailed me saying "They ALWAYS win" and they don't have to return my money. So, they stole $500 from myself and my family. THEY ARE SCAMMERS! THEY SUCK AND ARE CROOKED!! DON'T TRUST THEM!!!!!

Sub: #7 posted on Fri, 04/13/2007 - 16:17


I answered something like this quite a few years back. Then after sending the $500 I found out they took my money and ran. The number was disconnected and found out they were in Canada at the time. Then I had a flag on my bank account, credit reports, because they had ALL of our personal info, ss#, addys, bank account number (they were going to direct deposit the money). I will never fall for that again.
So like Jessi said NEVER pay for a loan!!

Sub: #8 posted on Fri, 04/13/2007 - 20:08

puddlejmpr puddlejmpr
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[color=Red][/color][size=3][/size][font=Times New Roman][/font]Thank you everybody and Jessi especially. I was so despaerate because I needed to help my family out, that I got really close to actually sending in the money. But instead, I decided to check it out first. It just sounded too good to be true.

Does anyone know of a another place that is legit? :( :wink:

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