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I've read so many of your stories I thought I would at least add one of my own.

A month ago I paid off two CMI accounts (Time Warner Communication). They were extremely helpful and very considerate. Of course I was calling them to pay my bill, why wouldn't they be?. I recieved my Zero Balance letters but they are still now trying to debt funds that have already been paid to them.

I am going to my bank tomorrow to put a stop to this and get back my fee's that have been applied from the NSF's. I've contacted the company and have told me that the accounts have closed and have been paid in full. I explained to them that they were still trying to take even more money out, with the same check numbers. They've told me that that should not be happening.

I am going to discuss legal action with my bank as I did keep my proof of payment, recieved from CMI stating that the debts have been paid in full and have been reported to the CBR's.


It's good to hear something about you. Most of the times, you were at the end to advice others. :)

You have all the papers properly served in the table. Take the help of your bank and dispute the debits made by the company. They must refund the excessive amount or you have a legal case against them. Do let us know the outcome of it.

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john john

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Like John, I always enjoy your posts! Seems like you shouldn't have any problems with this.

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finsfan13 finsfan13
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FYI did you ever get that fixed. I want to pay off my debt to them but still have not received any letter from the DV letter i sent. Its a small amount 130.00. Only i know they have my DV letter they added another CMI to the TansUnion when it was not on there before. I thinking of paying them with credit card in case something happens. But i need proof that they will it will show up on my credit that it paid, and get rid of them ASAP.

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That me above. do you have a number i can call too. Since i have not seem any letter to pay them off, except what i see on my credit. I tried to call TM but they show no record of the account. It old open 2005 tx.

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CplusE2ent CplusE2ent

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Just to let others know. When I paid off CMI online. I used a pre-paid visa card, so it would not be connected to any checking account of mine. But to get a Paid in Full letter the charge your $2.00 for one. I was kinda upset about it. But i had 3.00 eft on card. SO i got it anyway. Just wanted to let others know.

Sub: #5 posted on Mon, 08/18/2008 - 15:35

CplusE2ent CplusE2ent

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