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Is there a Cobalt Mortgage Scam tied to the accurise scam?

Submitted by on Mon, 04/11/2011 - 14:35
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Is there a Cobalt Mortgage Scam tied to the accurise scam? Could accurise credit repair be the next big scam? They are called IMC Capital, Commercial Credit Consultant, Imperial Meriedian Capital. They are all Blake Johnson. Is he a crook?

Yes. accurise is a scam. I worked there too. The owner of accurise instructs the employees to lie and tell people that they are a mortgage company and an FHA program. The entire sales pitch is one big lie. They also trat the employees terrible and pay them next to nothing. They call people who have applied online for mortgages and pretend like they are calling from Cobaly Mortgage.

Submitted by on Sat, 04/23/2011 - 16:57

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well...they have changed their name to accurise and accurise is a scam alright! They used to be called IMC Capital, but they got so many complaints and "rip-off-reports" that they had to change thier name so they could keep ripping people off. This is nothing but a telemarketing scam. The owner of accurise is just a thief and a scam artist who is taking advantage of people who need help. I can tell you from personal experience that accurise is a scam. I worked there. We were instructed by the owner to tell them that we were approved by the Department of Justice and that we were calling from a mortgage company called Cobalt. Accurise doesn't even tell the people that they are signing up for credit repair. The clients are told that they are getting approved for a home loan. The owner of accurise is the worst kind of thief. He tells his employees to call people who have applied for loans with Lending Tree and tell them that accurise is an FHA program. It is a terrible place to work. I was only there for 3 weeks but it was enough. The owner of the company was like a scam artist crook from the movies. They treat the employees like slaves and pay them next to nothing and then threaten them all day long. We were told to lie. We were instructed to tell clients that the first step to getting them approved for a loan was "a free consultation," but first they had to pay $59.95 for their credit report. Credit reports don't cost anywhere near that and most people know that so we had to tell them that it was some kind of "special" credit report that only we could get. We were also instructed to tell them that there was some kind of guarantee to their services but, there really isn't. The clients are told they are getting a "free consultation" worth $300. This is a joke. There is no consultation. The so called credit experts are just more telemarketers who know nothing about credit or anything else and whose only purpose is to trick the people into signing up for something they can do themselves. We were told to tell them that credit repair would only cost about $300-$500 and that was only if they needed it. They all needed it according to the so-called "credit specialists" (salesmen) and were charged much more. Clients are told that we have a 2 for 1 special but accurise just charges them twice as much. They are always changing the lies almost every day to stay ahead of the California Attorney General and the have meetings where the owner laughs about the Assistant CA Atty General and how they keep her happy with a bunch of lies and scams. They have sales meetings all the time which are really just sessions about changing the lies that the telemarketers can tell this week. I think most of the telemarketers who work there really think they are helping people. They are told that one day they will make decent money if they just keep selling more and more of these phony credit reports. They are victims also. They are abused intimidated and underpaid.

Submitted by on Sat, 04/23/2011 - 17:06

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My name is Melissa Scott, Director of Customer Relations at this credit restoration company. I???d like to bring light to the unfounded claims listed in this review. This review in particular was written by an ???unregistered??? user at this forum.

The same review was found at the following link under the name ???Anonymous???

The same review was found at the following link under the name ???Bob S.???

Upon reviewing records of former employees of our company, we found no one with any of these names, leading us to suspect that these are simply unruly tactics by competitors to destroy our company???s reputation and unmatched record. We are disappointed that any company would resort to these methods simply because they don???t possess our quality of services and outstanding customer support.

Our sales strategy have never been questioned since we have a very clean and transparent system of credit restoration. We review everyone???s case and credit background at $59.95, and custom-quote all members for their credit repair fees. These fees vary case-by-case since we treat every member with the unique care and attention that any credit repair case needs. Simply put: We do not treat Accurise cases like factory work. We aim to give outstanding results, and the countless positive reviews online from past members??? experiences will absolutely paint a more realistic picture of how Accurise treats its customers and conducts its business.

Lastly, we do not and could never pose or represent any other institution. The phone numbers our sales department calls from will always trace back to us with a simple Google search.

We???ve helped thousands restore their credit, on their way to easier financing and a higher quality of life. This simply cannot be done with the malpractices noted in the review above. We are proud of our services, our enthusiastic staff, and our immense growth in the credit restoration industry. We trust that we???ll be able to help thousands more in years to come.

Melissa Scott
Director of Customer Relations

Submitted by on Tue, 04/26/2011 - 08:44

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Actually, most of the positive reviews about this company are coming from the same IP address...!>?!? Or very similar. That would imply that they are the same people being paid to post the positive reviews all over the internet with a different name.

Submitted by NetworkSolutions on Tue, 07/26/2011 - 06:05


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So for the employees that worked there... how about you share an address for the people that would like to march down there and have a word with them?

Submitted by NetworkSolutions on Tue, 07/26/2011 - 06:30


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