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Need help with outstanding payday loans

Submitted by miesolutions on Mon, 11/08/2010 - 13:11
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My siblings and I found this website and you all seem so friendly and knowledgeable. Instead of creating 3 different accounts we have included our stories in one PLEASE ASSIST!

am a resident of Arizona. This was never my attention but my husband lost his job I was pregnant and on short term disability and we were trying to make ends meet. I am now back to work full time but I can’t afford to continue paying renewal fees I need help.
They are now talking about garnishing my wages and I need help.

I live in AZ and all internet payday loan companies are illegal. All you are obligated to do is pay back the principle amount of the loan. If you have any loans with a storefront in AZ you have to pay them back in full according to your contract. The best way to stop anyone from accessing your bank account is to close it. I tried working with mine but they still accessed my account after the ACH was revoked. As far as garnishing your wages unless they take you to court and get a judgment that can't happen and if this lender or lenders is illegal I don't see them doing that anyway.

Submitted by Buzzette on Mon, 11/08/2010 - 13:15


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Thanks for the helpful advice. We did what you said and sent the letter now here is a sample of the emails we are getting not to mention the ugly voice messages

Funny thing is I have tried to call and have left messages but have gotten no response. The other payday lenders said they wouldn't provide me with an address and I needed to pay them with a credit card or go to Walmart and get a prepaid Visa logo card. Any advice on what if anything I should do next? I noticed the letter said I should be provided a mailing address but I am not having any luck with that so what should I do now

1st email
This is to inform you that your account with us has been in default for over 2 weeks now. Attempts have been made to contact you regarding your account. Your refusal to contact us in return has been an indication that you do not intend to make good on the loan.

Therefore, we have decided to report the account to Telecheck and Teletrak Services. Being listed in these two services prevents check writing at major retailers, as well as applying for additional loans, or checking/savings accounts at financial institutions nearly impossible.

This, of course, can be remedied by making FULL PAYMENT on the amount of the advance, in which we extended to you in good faith, or by calling and making an arrangement that both are comfortable with. Continuous refusal to make good on the loan will result in the account being turned over to an outside collection agency for full recovery plus an additional 35% of the loan amount charged for fees and services.

Submitted by miesolutions on Wed, 11/10/2010 - 12:12


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