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hi i was looking to get a personal loan to pay off some higher intrest credit cards and came across there site, so i figured why not, has anyone had dealing with this company or any problems?

321 Dante Court (Suite #A1)
Holbrook, New York 11741


The company you speak of is actually a debt consolidation company. And based on the complaints made to the BBB, they are not in good standing.

Getting a loan is a bad idea to pay off other debts. If you're interested in trying to consolidate your debt, you can actually do so here by signing up. The consulor you'll speak with will go over with you an easy payment plan, and will help you get back on track.


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Teleport Teleport

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thanks mike
the only reason im looking to get rid of a few higher intrest cards. im not sure i want to do the debt consolidation thing as im understanding that it may affect your credit score i have worked pretty hard to rebuild my credit it is at 670 now, i have no problem paying my bills on time. my main concern was that i have heard that card companies are going to increase there minimum payments from 2% to 4% of the total owed, though i always pay more then the minimum on them its not the 4%. i afraid i may have trouble paying the 4% increase. any other suggestions?

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The card companies are really going to increase the minimum payment. Most of the card holders anticipating a tough time, have been trying to consolidate credit cards. You must agree that it is always better to take some precautions before it's too late! Once you are default or late with your payments, the negative entry will hurt your score that you've built up after hard works of so many days.

By consolidating you lock the interest at a lower rate. Moreover, the consultant working in the program work out a perfect payment plan so that the monthly payment never exceeds your budget. By placing your cards under consolidation program, you not only secure an easy repayment process, but get rid of the headache of changes in market standards also.

Consolidation is good for your credit too. When your accounts are consolidated, your consultant will insist your creditors to report your accounts in your favor and ensure the ultimate benefit for you. Please visit the thread below- .html

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stanley stanley

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thanks i have registered on this site im not sure why i am coming up as guest

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hello well thats better thanks stanley
the above guests post are mine

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whtlion whtlion

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Welcome to the forums! Hopefully the consolor will go over with you the program benefits.


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Teleport Teleport

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thanks i started the process by adding my accounts, i will get my expenses together and add them tomorrow.
thank you again for a great site

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whtlion whtlion

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I just gave this company my information for a loan and after that i decided to do some research on this company and came across a website named should check it out

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Thanks, cajun - I'm working on it too!

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Grrr! Don't even get me started on that topic!!!!!!!!!!

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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