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Pinion Management not doing payment confirmation

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Has anyone dealt with Pinion North Collections. They deal with 500 Fast Cash and US Fast Cash collections. If so, were you able to get confirmation of payment from them?

I have already paid them off, have copies of my receipts for payment that I will keep for my records. But it seems like getting payment confirmation is difficult from them.

i have them calling me at work all the time, they said by law they have the right to call me at work, i can't get a address, all they will give me is western union quick collect...any ideas? email me personally please

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Call Pinion at 863-297-3072 and get the details of your account in writing. No federal laws state that you will get endless calls at your work or home regarding past debt accounts. Besides, the company must have a prior consent from you if they can make calls at your work.

Send them a cease and desist letter and cover your basis legally. Hope this works out for you.

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john john

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I have had Pinion Management call my job and we actually set up payment arrangments for my acct. I lost my debit card and had to get anther one, hen i called the number they gave me, no one had ever heard of Pinion Mgmt and didn't have an account saying they were debiting my account, i am disputing the debits, but i am afraid they can sue me, what should i do?

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Hi Misha

Do you have the payment arrangement in writing? The company should have legal reasons before suing anyone. In my view, the company does not have a case here.

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john john

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Hey John, we actually made these arrangements over the phone, now after I reported this info to my bank, someone finally called me and stated that I authorized these debits and that he has it recorded. I dont know what to do, they said they collect for One click Cash, I need an address on them.

Sub: #15 posted on Tue, 05/16/2006 - 07:25


Here is the address of One Click Cash. They were earlier known as Preferred Cash

One Click Cash
2533 N Carson St, Ste 5024
Carson City, NV 89706

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john john

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pinion north has removed funds from our business account over the amount owed to fast cash and without our permission,they are liars and crooks

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pinion north is illegaly taking funds through a person named mrs.robinson who is a liar and can not be trusted with anything she says.we have stopped any payments from being removed by pinion north!!! Thiefs!!!!!!!!!

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I have had a gentleman contact me from Pinion Management in re to payday loan from United Cash Loans, he is threatening me with the District Attorney for a bad check. Which there was no bad check written. Can they do that?

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I Paid my debt to a company called Collectedge Services LLC back in 09/2005, no I have another collector calling me and threating me, I have proof of my paymentof this debt, but I can not get ahold of Collectedge Services LLC all the phone #'s I have for them are no longer good #'s HELP!!!

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