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1-800-392-4029 - Has anyone dealt with this agency?

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i recieved a letter in the mail today from accounts receivable technologies regarding a balance of $6,864.75 due to platinum b services. THE LOAN WAS FOR $200.00. I knew ellis crosby had this account and I'm really not sure what to make of this! Has anyone dealt with this agency? I'm going to request a debt validation because this is simply outrageous. I even called them today and was on hold for over 15 minutes, then I hung up with out ever speaking to someone. Anything anyone knows would be helpful. thanks.


$200.00 mounting up to $6,864.75 is really confusing. You should definitely ask for a validation of the said debt from the company.

Not sending anything in written itself justifies that they are not practicing business within the legal lines.


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roxette roxette

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I searched them on BBB and it turns out they also do business as ART, and First credit services, inc. As an F.Y.I. their number is 732-726-5692

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I keep phone calls from these people on both numbers: 1-800-392-4029, as well as: 732-726-5692. They told me that my payment never went through, which I never made a payment to them. When I asked which credit card number it was it took them about 5-10 minutes before they got back on the phone, so I hung up. And now they will not stop calling me. If this is happening to anyone else, please let me know

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Has anyone else noticed how these people aren't very professional either in the way that they talk and what not

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I keep getting phone calls from the 732 number and when I ask them who they are and what the bill is that I supposedly didn't pay, then they get nervous and hangup. I get them almost daily. Always someone different. I think I will try something different with them like telling them I will be contacting the Federal Trade Commission in Washington D.C. and see what happens.

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what company is this number from 732-726-5692

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I just received a recorded call from these people yesterday saying "we have an important business matter that pertains to you, please call us at 1-800-392-4029 with reference #xxxxxx.

I called, not knowing whom I was calling. The man answering asked for my phone number - I refused saying I don't give out that info without knowing to whom I was speaking (I was calling back on a cell phone) The gentleman said that his company is a switchboard for 50 companies and he would need my phone number so that he can transfer me to the relevant company. I then gave my phone number to him, he said "OK you are XXXX?" (not my name - obviously they had an error - butI said yes, because I certainly was not about to give out my name to a stranger from who knows what scam) and he transferred me to a "Ron Glass" at Accounts Receivable Technology (I got this info only after telling Mr. Glass I wouldn't give him any info on me until he divulges who he is and whom he works for).

It then turned out that they called my phone in error to collect on unmade payments by the Mr. xxx (thank god not me) on a Chevrolet. I told him that was not me. At this point, Mr. Glass became indignant that I hadn't correctly identified myself (a little hypocracy perhaps?). I informed him that it was HIS company that called MY home phone yesterday (a "National Do Not Call Registry" phone by the way)didn't identify itself and told me to call the 1-800 # about "an important business matter that pertains to you". He started shouting at me. At this point I informed him that I intend to refer this matter to the FCC and my states Office of the Attorney General.
He then hung up on me.

ART is obviously working outside the boundaries of American business and this needs to be brought to the attention of the authorites.

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i just got a new phone from tmobile and for some reason i get a call everyday from this 732-726-5692 number its driving me crazy and whenever i call it back im on the line waiting for up to a half hour b4 i hang up. can someone let me know whats goin on?

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It seems that Platinum B is making the call from this number regarding some debt. Call them at 1-866-722-2770 and know the purpose.

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ben ben

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It seems that more and more lately, that Accounts Receivable Technology is becoming more and more aggresvive. They are no where near as bad as ECA, but I would advice anyone who is dealing with a collection agency to dial from a number not affiliated to you whatsoever. Dial from a payphone if you have.

I did a little investigative work from my work phone the other day for a member, and the swtichboard operator got really offensive. I simply stated that believed I had the wrong number and asked for "Dave Sumptner". He came back after about 2 seconds of seach and asked for my info. I simply told him, what is the name of your company and I can tell you if it was for me, or maybe one of my other 6 roommates. He traced the call and got bilegerant, and said he'd be contacting my employer.

collection agencies are getting more defiant, when it comes to the FCA laws.

Whenever dealing with any bill collector, it would be in your best interest if you had a recorder. I know it's not always affordable to some, but it could protect you in the future.

Just my opinion....


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Teleport Teleport

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