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1-800-392-4029 - Has anyone dealt with this agency?

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i recieved a letter in the mail today from accounts receivable technologies regarding a balance of $6,864.75 due to platinum b services. THE LOAN WAS FOR $200.00. I knew ellis crosby had this account and I'm really not sure what to make of this! Has anyone dealt with this agency? I'm going to request a debt validation because this is simply outrageous. I even called them today and was on hold for over 15 minutes, then I hung up with out ever speaking to someone. Anything anyone knows would be helpful. thanks.

These people ( I use the term loosely) have been HOUNDING my 70 year old mother for a debt that say is due from me on a turned in auto lease from 7.5 years ago. The amount is for $226.00 and they could not tell me the reason for the debt. I turned the lease in and paid all of the charges and then said getting these harassing automated phone calls 7.5 years later. They want credit card information or bank account information to pay off this so called debt. I went to the bank that held the lease and they looked up my records, what they had did not show any debt owed by me. They had no record past 6 years. I have called these people and told them to stop calling my 70 year old mother and gave them my correct number. This is going on for two and half months now. I REFUSE to pay a debt that not a valid debt. They have threatened to ruin my credit and have been very unprofessional on the phone me. I have repeatly asked for a letter to be sent and still no letter showing that I owe this debt. I am so glad I found you website in regards to their shady dealings.

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My friend keeps getting these calls from 1-800-392-4092 and they keep saying that they're looking for Rebbecca but my friend has told them millions of times that they've got the wrong number. This last time they called, the person said her name was Lisa Henry and when my friend called back they were really rude to her! Has anyone else had this problem?

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This guy has been calling my house for 5 years for someone who no longer lives here or who I'm in contact with. I left him several messages about this, but he relentlessly leave my old roommate messages all the time. He just did right now. The guy is an idiot. Don't deal with him if you can avoid it. Someone should sue his company and his company should fire him.

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