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Discussion on Facebook updates

Submitted by Jason on Wed, 08/17/2011 - 04:32
Posts: 2430

Hello Friends,

From now onwards, we will be sharing our “Financial Tip of the Day” and other updates with our Community Members which we generally share with our Facebook friends.

Here's a list of all the financial tips and questions which were previously shared with our FB friends..

Before repaying a pay day loan, make sure pay day loans are legal in your state so that you don’t make extra payments than you’re supposed to make. If they’re illegal, you just need to pay the principal balance of the loan.

Maximize your employment benefits

Know about the FDCPA laws to prevent debt collectors from playing dirty tricks

Prioritise expenses to tackle your personal budgeting problems

Start saving from now for your retirement

Gifting 3 piggy banks to your child to teach the concept of spending-saving-donating

Practice thriftiness before preaching

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Contribute to a retirement plan

Get multiple insurance policies with the same insurer to earn a discount

Always send a debt validation letter to the collection agency before starting to make the payments against the account

Don’t ever drive under the influence of alcohol

Make love not debt

Never reveal your financial details to anyone over phone

We can tell our values by looking at our check book stubs

Never reveal your financial details to anyone over phone

... And here are few questions that we asked to our FB friends -

How can the teenagers save money?

What are the interesting ways to spend $5000?

What items you should not carry in your purse?

Are American couples financially compatible? What do you think?

It is said that the higher your degree, the greater is your salary. Is it true? Can you get a great job without a 4-year degree?

Do you think that viewers can get some financial lessons from the reality TV shows?

What is the key secret to become a billionaire?

Do you think another market crash is awaiting in this year?

So if you are not on Facebook, here's your chance to share your ideas and views on those updates.

As always we look forward to your participation here :)

Take care

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