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Where I have been

Submitted by Frogpatch on Sat, 10/29/2011 - 10:57
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It is apparent that I have not been here much recently. I stop in occasionally and answer a question here and there and delete a few spams but that is about it. It has been a few years, although it seems like a few weeks, since I lost my job after some serious health issues. I was forced to do something else as the economy and my age were too much for me too overcome in the field I was in. Experience counts for s--- today. If you read my post a while back I had tried dozens of ways to make money from MLM to selling solar panels. One day I answered an ad to write classified ads and I got paid for it. I realized that I was still a writer so I began to pursue that. I have since written hundreds of web pages and articles and actually got paid for it. It takes a lot of hours but I seem to be good at it. I work for myself and promised myself that I would never fire myself no matter how old I was. So here I am today a professional content writer working full time from home and enjoying the challenge. Now If I could get heath care that was less than 1200.00 per month I would be all set.
Here is a link to my new website. It has links to some of my writing. If you like it please pass it along and I will see you all back on the forum soon. Thanks

Thanks so much.
I feel bad for the 99ers that lost their jobs and their benefits ran out. Many had nothing to fall back on and no skills other than the jobs they lost. The government does not even track them. They are considered off unemployment to make it look like they went back to work. I consider myself lucky. In the interim I moved from Florida back to NJ where I feel at home again.

Submitted by Frogpatch on Mon, 10/31/2011 - 14:23


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