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Target corporation has hired Bennet Law in Ut. to

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Target corporation has hired Bennet Law in Ut. to recover civil damages from me for my sons involvement in a shoplifting incident. Is this legitament or should I be seeking legal help to fight this claim? We still have to deal with the courts on this matter and I have never heard of anything like this. The items from the store were returned and they would never have accounted for as much as they are billing me for.

I googled civil damages for shoplifting UTah...lots of information.

[QUOTE]Shoplifting in Utah

The Utah criminal code section 7-6-602 defines retail theft broadly as taking or concealing merchandise offered for sale without paying, altering price tags or labels, transferring merchandise into a different container in order to deprive the merchant of the value of the merchandise or taking a shopping cart from a retail establishment. Merchants have the legal right to request that customers keep merchandise in full view and to detain suspected shoplifters long enough to verify their identity, confirm that they have stolen merchandise and/or contact law enforcement.
Merchants may also sue either adult or child shoplifters under the Utah civil code. Adults may be subject to damages equal to the actual value of the loss, an additional penalty in the amount of the retail price up to $1,000, another penalty between $100 and $500, and court costs and attorney fees. When the offender is a minor under age 18, his or her parents may be liable for civil damages equal to the value of the merchandise, a penalty equal to the merchandise's value up to $50, an additional penalty between $50 and $500 and actual costs in attorney fees. These penalties are in addition to the criminal penalties described below

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