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I have been hastled by some people, that have call

Submitted by thumpet_1999 on Tue, 05/17/2011 - 15:32

I have been hastled by some people, that have called me on the job, at home, on my cell, stating that I owe different bills at different times. If they didn't get anywhere with one, they would stop with that one, and name another, and so on. To make a long story short, this Palisades Collection, says they are an assignee of At&t national. they have actually gotten through our local court system, and have attached my payroll check. I called AT&T, and was informed that they do not use or have ever used this company, and that they do not attach anyones payroll for amounts owed.
This so called company says I owe $1,180.29, with &112.81 in court cost, and that this judgement was made on 2-28-2008, by an attorney named Sarah A Veith, Ky# 89660. this was the only thing I have gotten in reguards to this, nothing was sent or anything else, as to going to court over this, before now. I have contacted the Circuit Clerk that has sighned this order, to let her know about this, i have also contacted payroll at work, but until I can prove this other wise, I guess they will get thier money they are cheating me out of. they have told me I owed a payday loan, when they couldn't get money that way, then they told me I was being sued(spelling?), would not tell me who I owed or any details on either one of those, and now this. How in God's name do I go about getting this taken care of now, and once and for all? I am so pissed, but so hurt that people take such advantage of others in this way.
Please tell me what to do, and how to end this!!
Thank you,
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You were sued. ATT sold the debt to a third is likely that third party used another agency to sue you. Once ATT sold the debt, they are out of the picture....they are no longer party to your debt.

You should have received a summons prior to the court date. Did you look on the court website as to when and how they sued you?

Submitted by SOAPLADY on Tue, 05/17/2011 - 18:36


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