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life gaurd financial out of houston calling gonna make you laugh!

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hey, just thought i would give you a little chuckle. I have been noticing on my caller id that lgf out of houston keeps calling me so finally i decided to answer it and here it was life guard financial out of houston.

The lady (hardly spoke a word of english you couldnt understand her much at all) proceeds to ask if im shonna and i said yes, and that she works for lgf out of houston. and that they are a settlement company. so this is how the conversation goes:

ME: Thanks for calling but im not interested in settlement at this time

her: I dont think you understand mrs. ritchey we are not trying to sell you any type of product
ME: I know what settlement is and im not interested

her: but this will not cost you anything we are trying to help you with no money down at a 7% total amount of debt
ME: thats great but im not in need of debt settlement my accounts are manageable thank you

her: but im not trying to sell you anything im trying to help you (getting angry) and i dont think you are aware of what our services are and what we are trying to do for you
ME: listen, i have been through settlement i know what it is, and im not in need of it i only have around 5,000 worth of unsecured debt that i can manage on my own

her: but we can help you to reduce that debt on pennies on the dollar, I really dont think you are understanding mrs ritchey was debt settlement is. We genuinely are not trying to sell you anything. Please just listen to what we want to do for you with no up front costs
Me: Now listen i have amused you, but what part of i know what settlement is? I have been through it before and the fact that you are pressuring me into something that i dont need tells alot about you. Take me off your list and dont call me again. I dont need your services nor do i want it. And you are selling me something a service in which i do not want. I dont like to hang up on people cause i know your doing a job, but im gonna hang up on you.

Her: mrs ritchey let me explain to you how settlement works before you make a decision to decline our services

Now normally i just hang up, or dont answer these calls but i was in a mood that day and thought i would see what they say. I had to laugh afterwards about the conversation. I just thought it would give all of you a good laugh too. I didnt think to tell her that i spend just about every day on a debt forum but frankly she would have still insisted that i dont know what settlement was. The only thing i can think of is that she couldnt understand english as much as she spoke it either! LOL

this is shining example of why people are so leery of settlement about pushy.of course they aren't selling a product,but they are selling a service.notice how she kept driving the product point home.betting they are a scam.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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that was my guess, and sadly you know people fall for it. the fact remains that she made me out to be clueless as to what the program was about and what it was for like i didnt know what im talking about and to boot, then she started to get angry with me! LOL it gave me a good laugh for the day.

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love_my_things love_my_things

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lol it really is a shame

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kanferg24 kanferg24

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