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Hmmm…well, I am embarrassed to confess that though I say big things about savings in this forum, my personal record with saving is horrible. I can hardly manage to set aside any amount from my pay. To be honest, I don’t lead an extravagant life but still find it hard to save.

Can you tell me how much you guys save? And, how do you accomplish it?

Have $$$ directly taken from my paycheck to account. I never see it, so I don't miss it. If your employer offers 401k and a "match" that's even better. I have 10% taken from my part time job; company matches up to 5%, so in essence I'm saving 15%. I don't do it with my state job because I don't trust them with my money (NJ). They've screwed up the pension system and they're not getting my discretionary money (although right now there's not anything left to save from that paycheck).

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aubrey aubrey
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Aubrey is right, if you don't see it, itmakes it easier to do. If your company does not offer any type of savings, 401, etc, talk with your bank.

I had the bank do an auto deposit from my checking every pay day. When I depostied my check,they took out x dollars and deposited it to a savings account. I, also, have opened a "Christmas Club" account. They take varying amounts out per week--Five dollars on up, and before Christmas, they give it to you. I then turn around and put it into savings.

I used to do this for saving for Christmas, but I cut way back and down on buying for Christmas, so now I do it for saving.

You need to check with your bank, if you decide to do a Christmas Club account, and make sure there are no rules about depositing it into your account.

It did take a number of years before we were financially able to do this, though. And now, with the work situation, it still can be hard to try to save. Good Luck!! Karen

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Bossy4455 Bossy4455
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i do have some money set aside from my paycheck, too.. it is the only money i save and the only way i can do it :(

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bea2ls bea2ls
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Saving is hard. I never had savings until I filed BK and lost everything. I used credit for every little emergency that came up before filing, mainly because we had no savings.

After our BK, my husband and I had no choice but to stick to a budget and put away any money left over to cover any emergencies. I then started working more hours and doing extra things to build up our savings so if an emergency did happen, we would have money to help cover costs.

Having a little emergency fund is something I have never had but it gives me such peace of mind knowing that it is there now. Our savings is nothing spectacular, but it is comforting knowing that it is there.

We could have more savings though and that is something we struggle with every single day. My husband and I both spend a little extra here and a little extra there at convenience stores, fast food, Target...that I am really trying to put a stop to.

I am going to get 2 little notebooks(1 for me and 1 for him!) so we can write down every single penny that gets spent. I think once we see it in writing, it will help us cut it back even more. I have read that writing everything down will definitely help.

Good luck with your savings goals. It's hard but definitely not impossible. ;)

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girlndebt girlndebt

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