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Been Busy

Submitted by puddlejmpr on Wed, 06/16/2010 - 16:49
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Just wanted to say Hi to all. It's been a pretty busy year for me so far. There have been up's and down's along the way. In Jan. I was having alot of problems with my migraines, but in a way it was a good thing. I had some reactions to a med. they gave me and I ended up in the ER because my blood pressure went through the roof. In an x-ray they took they found a hernia which was life threatening. So I had that fixed in Feb. I finally got back to work in March. Then in April my hubby lost one of his jobs. My daughter had her baby on April 17th. We ended up having to file chapter 128 in May because of the loss of income. Then my dad fell at work in May, had shoulder surgery on the 25th. They went to put a nerve block in so he wouldn't feel alot of pain. They ended up getting some of the med. in his spinal fluid, so he stopped breathing and when they put the breathing tube in they put it in too hard and fast that they punchured his lung and both colapsed. To put it this way, in the 10 days he was in the hosp. he almost died 3 times. So now he is sort of ok, after 10 days in the hosp and 4 pints of blood later. They did find a huge blood clot in his leg. He had something done for that yesterday. So, so far, so good. But now I have to put in some overtime to try and make ends meet for now. This is why I have been MIA. I am so sorry for this. But I have been still telling people about you. And you all did a great job at helping them when I couldn't. So a HUGE thank you for that and all the info they have read on here!!!! This is still the BEST forum to be a member of!!!

I miss all of you very much!!! I will post some pics. of the new grandson when I have a little more time.

Take care:rose:

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