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My last unemployment check came a week or so ago. 600.00 for two weeks. That is it! A couple days later I was hired to write articles as a ghost writer for 15.00 ea. for 300 words or more. 4 articles per day X 5 days per week = 300.00 x 2 weeks 600.00. How blessed am I? Now I have another opportunity to sell renewable energy in the form of solar and wind power for commission. One good sale and I am good for a long time! If you are patient and have faith it will happen!

Great news Froggy!!!! Hey, I am also interested in earning some extra dollars by writing financial articles. you can go through a few of them in this sites' blog section. Can you give me some ideas Froggy?

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paulcahill80 paulcahill80

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You want ideas about financial articles? And you live here? Open your eyes Paul. They are everywhere. This website is an information soup kettle. All you need is a ladel. Or am I getting this wrong. Look to my right. Question of the month. Answer the question and then write about it somewhere else. You already did the research. I write about things that a particular in home service can put a link to his website on for SEO. For example if he were an exterminator I might write an article about Africanized bees. I would go on line. Learn as much as I can about them, take notes. That takes ten minutes or so. More if I become intrigued. Then I turn what I have into a 300-500 word article. That is about 30 minutes for an easy one with a thought out format. It could be news report style, personal experience style, a funny but painful stings to the butt of my neighbor style. I will do one of each. Thats 45 bucks for 90 minutes work plus research. He puts a link that says best bee remover in Florida with his name. It might get him a customer and it helps push his site up in the search rankings. One hundred articles will really move his site. He has to know how to get hits to the stories though. See my signature? Thousands of hits from this website alone. That to me is thousands of people helped. My story only leads to another story to further help them. Once you do a good job for one person you have a good ref and can solicit more work and raise your price. Unfortunately the Filipinos will work for a dollar or two per article. Do not compete in that market.
Anything I can do to help please ask. My email if you do not have it is my screen name @ My door is always open for you my friend.

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Frogpatch Frogpatch
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Wow, I am so proud of you Frogpatch! Congrats!

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