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What is the best personal finance software?

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There are various types of personal finance software available in the market. What according to you is the best personal finance software?

The best personal finance software, in my opinion, is actually a free website called The website links with your bank account and can track how much you are spending and what exactly you are spending it on. It allows you to create budgets for whatever you want and notifies you when you are approaching your set limit and when you have exceeded your budget.

The layout, in a way, is set up like a bank statement with categories. For instance, if you go to Starbucks it will automatically list those purchases under a "coffee house" category but let's say you go to Wawa, then what? If it has no idea what Wawa sells it lists it under uncategorized. So if you buy mostly coffee from Wawa you can set the category as "coffee," if you buy gas you can list it as "gas" or create a different category. now continuing to use coffee as an example, here is what I really like... the site can also show you by category how much you are spending on something per month. Sometimes we don't realize how much we spend when we are nickel and dimed. With this tool you can see that you are spending $200 a month on coffee and you may be able to cut back and save yourself some money.

The site also allows you to create goals. Here you can customize what it is you want to do, what time frame you want to do it in and how much it will cost. It will then tell you how much you need to put aside each month to reach that goal or you can input how much you can afford to put aside per month and it calculates and tracts your progress. If you will reach your financial need for this goal 4months early it will tell you, conversely it will also inform you if your goal will not be reached in time based on your current financial contributions.

As a final note, what makes this so awesome, for me anyway, it that it has an application that can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android.

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dkejr10 dkejr10

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The Software may include a feature that allows you to exchange useful and helpful information with other users of Quicken Online ("Live Community"). Internet access is required to use Live Community.this software has all the troubleshooting quick guides this is the best software for doing any finance not just personal..

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jacobspivey jacobspivey

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I would have to say Quicken is my favorite...well the one I trust. You can use Quicken for anything from keeping your bank account balanced to keeping track of a savings for a vacation.
Its also very easy to use and understand. I know there are many people out there afraid to still use computers, but I would say this program is easy enough for anyone to understand.
I currently use mine to help bring up my credit. I am currently keeping track of all our expenses including our mortgage payments, car loan, insurance, energy/gas bills, cable, internet, phones etc.
I also have my own business at home. I dont work alot but that is another benefit, I keep track of my income and outcome I'll say lol I keep track of my expenses and figure out how much profit I have.
To summerize: Quicken is the best personal finance software in my opinion.

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wendylynn93 wendylynn93

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I have to say it's eMoney wealth management, you can enter all you bank accounts information, investments, life insurance information, credit cards information, 401K or any other pensions you may have from work information and even has a section where to store documents such as wills, trusts, power of attroney etc.

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nathaliejones2003 nathaliejones2003

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It???s not only important but also difficult to choose the best personal financial for myself. On last weekend, I was just Googling for the personal financial software which can help me to calculate my annual budget & help me in Banking, Tax & manage my expenses even its easy to use, that means we need perfect solution for the personal financing & I thought I got it while I am searching it on Google.
Quicken Starter Edition 2010 is my Personal financial software that i currently using.
It???s easy to use while it has amazing features that helps us to manage our financial activities.
Its contains features like easy to use & install on your system & it???s more convenient to use so finding what you need and figuring out how to use features is a snap. This program has a superb online banking section that allows you to do all of your banking and manage multiple accounts in just sing way. Quicken can produce a variety of cash flow reports, tax reports and net worth reports, so you will know where your money is and where it???s going. These reports are priceless when planning your finances. Quicken will automatically connects to the Quicken Loans website, to take advantage of its Mortgage, Refinance, and Home Equity calculators. he tax features available in Quicken Starter Edition are top???notch. Because Intuit Inc. also produces TurboTax, the two programs work together. Quicken will import all of your financial information directly into Turbo Tax. Security, Personal investing & 24 x 7 live supports.
I planned my budget with Quicken & understand some unnecessary expenses so now I can control them & I can save my money. Over all I am very satisfied with this personal financing software. I have just shared my experience with you & some of my friends have started using Quicken for personal financing.

So happy financing.

Thank you so much.

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Chandrashekhar Chandrashekhar

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