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What is the best wallet-friendly Valentine gift according to you?

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Love is in the air again as Valentine’s Day is approaching. What is the best wallet- friendly Valentine gift according to you?

I have to say with all the debt struggles my wife and I have incurred over the years, we have found a deeper understanding of whats important.

While gifts are nice and can present a caring way to express feelings, they can become quite expensive, and also cause financial struggles. Giving is always better than receiving, so the issue of ???who got who what gift??? never becomes an issue in our marriage.

We have agreed that it should not cost money to express love and compassion. The day we said ???I do???, we took a vow just to make each other happy, treat each other with respect, and be a lifelong partner, offering love, support, and overall caring.

The best wallet-friendly gift from me, that I can give, is the gift of my undying love and trust in the one I married. Gifts may come and go, but the love you share, and the time you spend together cannot be replaced by any possession. Memories are an everlasting gift, and can be created 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Nothing says I love you like a handmade card, a poem either written by you or copied from one of their favorite writers. A special date where you can spend time together is more precious than gold. Time cannot be replaced or gained back, so don???t waste it.

So in the hustle and bustle of this busy Valentine Day, remember when you are buying that gift, that true love cannot be expressed in Dollars and Cents, but by actions and the way you treat people.

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rvl_73 rvl_73
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Anything homemade is always a winner. It could be a card, a CD or mp3 playlist of songs that are special or remind you of your significant other, or a picture that you dug out and framed. It comes from the heart and shows you had to think about it. And chocolate. A 2 dollar chocolate bar is always appreciated around here :) And you can specialize it to your lovers likes- chocolate and peanut butter, or dark chocolate, or chocolate with almonds....just shows that you pay attention and care.....

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avlmcgrew avlmcgrew

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Just giving one rose to someone you love should be an ideal valentines gift. It shows that you care for the person and it is not very expensive. One rose costs very little money and it shows that you care. It is a great gift to give and can be given to a mother or mother-in law. It expresses your emotions.

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rtwins rtwins

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I believe the best wallet-friendly velentine gift is to take your valentine to a state park, pack a picnic lunch and spend the day in wonders of nature. With no interruptions such as children, cell phones, work or television. Just spend the day or at least several hours walking down trails and enjoying nature together.

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Kristi Lovelace Kristi Lovelace

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When money is tight, you have to be creative. After getting out of payday loan hell and settling my credit card debt, my money situation is so tight I can hear sqeaking! I decided to make my husband a special meal, shrimp scampi. I had a coupon for $5 toward the shrimp. The rice, olive oil and butter were bought when they were on sale previously. I also bought a small loaf of italian bread for .99 and made garlic bread. Got cake mix and frosting at Walmart for .99 each. Dinner and desert was scrumptious. Even had some candle nubs to light!

Made him a card on the computer and included a coupon for one weekend's worth of yard work come spring. He said it was the best valentine's day ever....

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aubrey aubrey
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