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What is the best career tip for a youth without college education?

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A lot of youths are not able to pursue higher studies because of the rising education cost. What according to you is the best career tip for a youth without college education?

Don't give up! Continue to pursue whatever it is that your heading for. Don't just sit around find a job till what you want comes through. There is finacial aid and scholarships out there you can apply for so you can reach your goals. Push forward and stay focused. I'm 21 so I know it's possible for anyone to go for what they want.

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 03/01/2011 - 13:54

brownbeautydenson brownbeautydenson

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Apply for an Apprenticeship/Journey man licensing program with one or more Licensing Engineering society. You may qualify for full time training with pay and after you 3 to 4 years apprentice ship training you will be licensed is like going to college for free and full pay permanent job., could be as an electrician, or a carpenter or a machinist or a welder or a construction contractor etc etc. you can contact the Labor Department office in your state or any Engineering society in your state.
High preferences is given to military veterans with at least 6 months of active duty.
But a passing test score is what really qualifies you.

here's a link a couple of links:

or just search on the internet the word "apprenticeship program"

Sub: #2 posted on Mon, 03/07/2011 - 13:02

cesda01 cesda01

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The sky is the limit. Once you figure out what you want to be when you "grow up", focus on that and be prepared to work hard. Be prepared to set aside frivolous priorities and push for the top priority and that is building yourself. While a college education is the ideal route, not everyone can go that route...and that is OKAY. On your path in job searching:
1) Be assertive, aggressive (without being too pushy), and persistent. Hold your head up high...don't let rejections get you down.
2) Research everything...this will go a LONG way in your search.
3) Hone your best assets and show this off...there will be many others vying for the same job as you...YOU have to show why YOU are the best choice.
4) Re-read everything you write in your applications, resume, etc...have someone help you proofread your writing...this stands out more than you realize...they will read many applications/resumes and toss out the ones with any major grammatical/spelling errors first.
5) NETWORK...let all your friends/family/social acquaintances/etc know what you are interested...sell yourself to everyone you know. Also, maintain that solid reputation everywhere you go. People will talk. :)

I realize that this asked for the "best career tip" but there are so many principles to cover when looking for a career/job. I will say that the one thing that stands out the most is PERSEVERANCE. Hold head up and don't let anything get you down. I guess I should also mention that you have to start may be at the bottom, but once you get the foot in the door, the sky is the limit.

Sub: #3 posted on Wed, 03/09/2011 - 11:42

JK2653 JK2653

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My advice to today's youth would be to find a career they can be certain will be around as long as there is civilization. I would try to make them understand that sometimes you have to pay "dues" to get where you want or need to be in life. Many of the jobs that will always be needed have apprenticeship programs to help you get your license if one is needed. Jobs such as plumbers, electrician, beauticians, even some CNA positions just to name a few. Apprenticeship programs often have low or no pay but it may be worth it in the long run as some of these positions can pay quite well. Also, all education doesn't have to be formalized. If you are fortunate/wise enough to spot a need for something where there is no solution, do some research on starting your own business and go for it.

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dkejr10 dkejr10

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There is always the military.
If they do not want to do that however, I suggest getting a job where the employer trains the individual or pays for the education needed to contnue in that field. The medical fieldis are known for doing just that. The person may need to sign a contract to work so many months at a lower pay scale but it is worth it.

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Angelika Powell Angelika Powell

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