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How can you overcome unemployment with your limited financial resources?

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Millions of unemployed individuals are struggling to survive with their limited money. If you were in the same position, then what according to you would be the best way to overcome unemployment with limited financial resources?

In this economic environment one must make sure they retain their marketability. The competition for jobs is fierce and one must polish their existing skills and learn new ones. There are ways to accomplish this with limited funds. On-line training is available; libraries and schools offer community classes that offer training in various fields. It may be prudent to train for a different field, e.g. the health field. Many jobs are available such as office personnel, x-ray techs, lab techs, aides, etc., especially with the baby boomers retiring.

Vocational schools also offer training for adults at night, as well as some state employment offices. Knowing you way around computers is mandatory in the work environment. All are available in the community.

Even though you are currently employed, you must have a back up plan "just in case", and be prepared by furthering your training.

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aubrey aubrey
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The best way is to start is with small steps towards full employment and full wages. You can find tipping positions that pay well. These are perfect for most and are not full time usually weekends and a few weekdays. Start looking for night work while others sleep. A few hours cleaning offices. There are dentist, doctors,insurance people you make payments to that have offices. Pizza deliveries pay a small wage and the tips can be substantial on weekends. Just get out of your comfort zones and continue during the days to interview for higher paying positions. These part time jobs during the evening hours may allow you to return to school during the day hours. Take a class and improve your education or learn something different. Who knows you may discover something you would like to do and it may replace the income you so desperately need. Work hard Work smart and never give up.

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smsamiller3 smsamiller3

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The best way to overcome unemployment with limited financial resources would be to cut out all of the unnecessary luxuries that use up any money. It's amazing how much money you can save by eliminating "all" extra's and using that money towards travel and time directly related to hunting for new employment. Even families who are financially struggling commonly have extras that when added up, can be a good chunk of change. A piece of this puzzle is to compress all of your necessary weekly car trips down to only one or two days tops of traveling per week. If you need to go to the grocery store, the shoe store, the office supple store or to the gas station, plan it all for one trip so you're stopping at one place right after the other for the things you need. From any and all alcohol, cigarettes, entertainment, extra food outside of three square meals a day to toys for any age. For now, while your unemployed and struggling, you must cut those extras out. For one month just eliminate all the extras, and you will be financially better off, GUARANTEED! It may seem like you'll die without your 12 HBO channels that month, or you may snap someone's head off without that cigarette and beer. You won't, I promise. You do what you have to do to get by when your backs against the wall. There just is no better way to overcome unemployment with limited financial resources other than cutting out all the extras in life and directly applying that money towards time and travel in finding new employment.

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irepid irepid

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How can you overcome unemployment with your limited financial resources?
How can you over come this problem is to save your money or make some, such as hosting a garge sale. Another way is to turn down the heat in the winter, and put more clothes on. If you have a car that has better gas milage such as one car get 14 miles to the galon and the other one has 24 use the one that get better gas milage. The people that are drinking and doing drugs to make it feel better need to stop spending there money on that stuff and then they will have money to pay bills and put food on the table for there familes.

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waterboi_727 waterboi_727

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Personally, I think the steps to "survive" unemployment come in 4 stages: Realistic evaluation, planning, resourcefulness and continuity.

First and foremost, an assessment should be made on the things in your life that you realistically can and cannot live without. What are the things that you NEED. For example, you may need to keep the internet for job hunting but you probably don't need 300 cable channels. When talking about assessment, I mean absolute necessity. Now don't freak out because you can still maintain a certain quality of life but I will get to that later. I'm a strong believer that life is not all about paying bills.

Next is planning. The saying goes, "Hope for the best but plan for the worst." As you make your plan to overcome unemployment, it's harsh but assume this set back may last longer than you expect it to. You may think, "I'm educated, I will find another position in no time" or " I have enough savings to last me until I find something else. There is no need for me to really cut back!" This thought process could hinder your assessment stage. It would be unwise to wait until you only have one month of savings left or your unemployment checks are about to stop to start making changes. Here is a scenario for you: You have a savings account with money to cover six months of bills and a cable bill that is $150 with a $200 early cancellation fee. You figured you would be fine not changing anything because you have a savings to cover bills for a few months, not realizing you will be unemployed for 9 months. If you move on the cautionary lane and pay the $200 cancellation fee and go without 300 channels for awhile, that frees up $700 of your savings for a cushion should you need it for a necessity.

Resourcefulness and moderation, this is also where the quality of life ties in. Use EVERY resource available to you but be wise about it. For instance, in my last credit card statement there was an offer to try a program free for thirty days and receive a $50 Walmart gift card. I also recently tried two programs that each gave me $40 visa gift cards. The thing here is to keep track of when the trials end and to cancel before then so you are not charged anything and the gift cards are yours to keep. If you live close enough to a library, utilize it and you may not need internet in your home. Instead of 300 cable channels, maybe try Netflix. Coupons coupons coupons, especially if you have a family to provide for. Many of us probably use them but are we being resourceful with them. Google "extreme couponing" or "coupon matchups" and you will be amazed at how many sites come up that can show you how to use coupons to their highest potential and get things for free or well below retail value. If you are a movie buff, there is also the possibility of free, advanced movie screenings. Again, Google and ye shall find.

Finally there is continuity. Hopefully the storm will pass sooner than later. When it does, try to maintain a few of your unemployment habits. Continue using coupons and check out a free movie every now and then. Think about it, how many of those 300 channels did you actually miss. An added bonus of living an employed life with an unemployed mentality is that it may end up leaving you debt free... or at least with a bigger savings account.

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dkejr10 dkejr10

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i have been on unemployment for one year, this was the worst time of my life, after the unemployment ran out , i ended up on welfare. this made me upset to do this, so i ended looking for any job i could find, after one month on welfare, i had a full time live on limited funds, this was a wake up call.never give up looking. there are jobs out there dont give up. i know,

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