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Debit card vs. credit card – Which one do you think is better?

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The 2 most popular cards used by the people are credit cards and debit cards. But which one do you think is better – debit card or credit card?

To use my debit card or my credit card, that is the question...

A debit card is linked to your bank account and is the same as using cash. As long as one keeps up with how much they've spent it's a great option. Tracking spending is very important here. Using online banking is a great way to do this as is the old fashioned check register. Using a debit card allows you the freedom to not carry a lot of cash on your person.

Credit is a good option for purchases that may be a bit pricier that you can afford to pay for with 100% cash. For example, car repair. In this case one needs to consider the interest rate on the amount they are charging. If it is not an amount you can pay off relatively quickly, you should consider whether a combination of cash and credit might be better. However, if the choice is a new dress just because and you can't afford to pay cash now or pay the price in full with the next payment, you should probably pass. That dress with end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Both have pros and cons but the situation and your ability to pay for your purchases should be the most important factor.

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Credit cards are better.My reason is you have more time to repay funds used where as debit cards are immeidate widrawls from your bank account. You can have more choices and spending using credit cards you can built /rebulit bad credit by making payments on time most credit cards can be used anywhere Visa are accepted no ATM fees..there is always a credit limit on cards

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decain58 decain58

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I feel that a debit card is better,because that is using money out of your own personal accountant;and you can control how much you spend. Plus there's no apr rates. I personally use my debit card,because of high interest rates my credit is not so good. I feel that if a person is prone to overspending,then a credit card is not a good way to go.

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jennifer.1969 jennifer.1969

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I always use a debit card... to me it's the same as cash. I never use credit....not going to pay extra money for things I can't afford! I also like debit because the money is taken out immediately as opposed to a credit charge that floats or waits 2 to 3 days to post. Very interesting question..more people should think about this as well.

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phillip_holland47 phillip_holland47

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If your goal is to get out of debt, debit card is the way to go! There is no use in charging up credit cards and digging a deeper hole. It is so easy to tell yourself that you will pay it back but it doesn???t always work out that way. Other things tend to come up, you end up spending that money on something else and now you have a new charge that you will have to pay interest on. You also tend to spend more when it is not coming out of your bank account. The safest way is to just use your debt card and don???t allow yourself to charge!

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oneinamillyn oneinamillyn

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Debit card by far , you control your spending much easier, I have used my Debit card for all type of charges incl. car rentals hotels it it just like using a credit card . I think it mainly keeps you in check , for example you see a flat screen tv for 400.00 you have 350.00 in the bank , with a credit card you think" oh its only 50.00 I can pay it back " with a debit card you find a sale or you wait , thats what i did and I got a better TV !

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rlscamp rlscamp

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debit card is the better choice for me because with debit card you spend thee money you put in there and with a credit card your spending money that you dont have and that you have to pay pay and most of the time you are paying double back then what you spent i khad to learn that the hard way... not AGAIN!!!!!!

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brightmo9909 brightmo9909

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I think a debit card is better. I've been using one for quite a few years now, and enjoy the control of spending it reinforces - if the money is not on the card, then I can't spend it...also, for security purposes, no one else can, either! This is the card I opt to use for my online and automatic transactions.

My debit card also has a built in savings account option that allows me to set aside a certain amount from each payroll transfer, and has a much higher interest rate than most banks offer right now (2.00%).

By the way, my debit card is attached to it's own separate account (i.e. Spending Allowance) and funds can be transferred directly from my Bank/PayPal/etc. accounts for specific, planned use. Great option for young adults!

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kaliforniaco kaliforniaco

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Debit card is a better option for me when I want to save a considerable amount every month. Using a debit card is an alternative to using cash as I am actually spending the amount which I already have and I don't have to pay back. On the other hand, I use credit cards when I'm more concerned about safety that is, avoiding being a victim of identity theft.

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MarieGarcia MarieGarcia

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the debit card is the best of both, this card is only taken out of your bank account, and if you ,dont have the money , you will not buy things you dont need. the credit card is need to lease a car or book a room, other than that ,the credit card should be paid in full when the statement is due, if you dont pay in full, you will be paying interest .

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