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How can you prevent yourself from being bullied by the debt collectors?

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Many a times, the debt collectors bully debtors to collect/make money. What are the ways in which you can protect yourself from being bullied by them?

First you should ask yourself if the purchase was a necessity and if not determine whether or not you can afford it and pay it on time. If you can't pay your balance before it goes into collection, advise the accounting dept. of the company and they can try and work out a payment agreement or possibly give an extension due to circumstances. Then let them know when you would be able to make the outstanding balance payment.

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tara00925 tara00925

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Well the answer to this questions is rather simple - don't get into debt! But as most people know (especially in this economy) - falling into delinquency is extremely easy. Delinquency leads to debt collection, which can lead to being bullied by debt collectors. Believe me I have been bullied by the debt collectors and have learned how to deal with them, so here is my advice.

First, remember, you are in control of your debt, not the debt collector. Most debt collectors (like those who bully) prey on those who they feel are weak. When they contact you there are two things to remember. One, do NOT give them every excuse in the book as to the reason you have the debt. They don't care! They are not going to forgive the debt because you lost your job or lost someone important in your life - all they want is your money! Two - do not apologize to them! Debt collectors will see the apology as a weakness and will use it against you! When they contact you, tell them you do not handle business over the phone and you want something in writing. If they continue to harass and bully, wait for them to stop (it doesn't benefit anyone to be rude), and demand something in writing which validates the debt. Don't respond to their bullying tactics! They are just speaking words in hopes of scaring you into giving them a hefty paycheck! Be straight forward and tell them that you are not going to pay anything without seeing something in writing.

Second, remember that if the debt collector is rude or demonstrates bullying behavior, don't get upset (that fuel will ignite the fire!) Simply tell the debt collector that you are not going to continue the conversation if they are going to speak to you in that way and that you will discontinue the call. If they do not stop, then hang up on him! If he calls again, ignore the call and send them a cease and desist letter sent by certified mail return receipt requested (there are several good examples on this website).

Third, do not let the debt collector feel like she is in control of the call. They are calling about a debt that was given to them and they want to collect the balance plus a commission! You can take control of the conversation by asking pertinent questions. Almost all of the time the debt collector will demand payment over the phone...never do this! You don't know who you are speaking to for one and two - you need something in writing! I work for a company where we send past due accounts to a third party collection agency and part of our agreement is that the collection agency adds on 40% of the balance as their cut! This is outrageous! If you give the collector a payment over the phone you just gave them a huge commission! Stay in control and demand information in writing.

The best way to avoid bullying by debt collectors is to stay out of debt (this site is awesome in doing that - I am now debt free, but I wasn't before I saw this site!) But if you find yourself in debt and bullied by debt collectors, all you need to do is be strong, tell them you do not handle business over the phone, demand everything in writing, and anytime you send the collection agency any communication or payment, make sure to do so by certified mail return receipt requested.

Don't allow the bullying and prevention of that is guaranteed!

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brian446fsu brian446fsu

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Take control of the call! Only speak for as long as YOU want to speak and if the collector starts becoming abusive, HANG UP!!
Do not let them bully you or scare you; this is what they are paid to do. You do not have to be abused in your own home!!
Tell them how you are going to pay the debt and if they don't like it, repeat it. Again, if they start getting abusive, HANG UP.

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kscornell kscornell
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The fair credit act limits what the collectors can and cannot do, unfortunately most people have no idea of what these rules are.
Educating yourself on what the laws are can save you alot of headaches.
There are several strategies that can eliminate some stressful calls. One simple one is to ask " is this call being recorded" if the answer is "yes" then you just say "Great....under the fair credit collections act passed by congress I am informing you on the record that all correspondence from your company will from this moment on will be by US mail only....thanks you very much"

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james4078 james4078

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Another interesting way to stop them in their tracks is to ask for a signed copy from the collection agency of any wrong doing you may have done against them personally (you and the collection company) If they refuse to send you one then you can asked to be removed from their call list for failure to comply with the fair credit act and ask to have conversation recorded.
If they do send you a signed copy you can counter sue for wrongful prosecution and slander as you now have a signed document from them stating you have wronged them...and they have no recourse. But few and far between do they ever send such a document.

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james4078 james4078

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Great question! the fair debt collections act so you know and understand what debt collectors can legally do! Also..when they call you..inform them that upon advice of your attorney you are recording the call...they usually hang up! Utilize your caller ID as well.! My philosophy is that if I don't know you..I don't owe I don't answer! Then check to see if they left you a voice mail..if the first few seconds sound like a debt collector..erase it! If you don't hear can't fear it lol.

If you do legitimately owe some all means honor your debts but on your terms...not theirs! Contact them once every two weeks and in a nice way explain your current situation.your desire to honor your debt and what actions you are taking to repay it. If they do not like your answer..hang up..wait two weeks and contact them and repeat. Most debt collection companies will try and scare you by falsely misrepresenting themselves to be part of a legal entity or threaten you with wage garnishments, judgments, leans, etc. Do not allow their scare tactics to get to you. By law you are no longer liable for any debt that is more than 7 years old from the date the delinquent account was opened...not the date that they bought the old debt from the original creditor. Howeverif you pay anything to re- establish the debt, bringing it back in to legal collectible standing.

I myself was 75,000 dollars in debt 8 years ago and had to fight this battle for a few years. But thanks to Dave Ramsey and my own research, I have become debt free and no longer have to deal with them. Granted..I still get calls from junk debt collectors from time to time..but by employing these's now nothing more than a minor inconvenience or nuisance when they call me.

I hope this helps anyone who may be dealing with this problem.

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phillip_holland47 phillip_holland47

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Debt collectors are required to follow federal laws that prohibit them from threatening or harrassing you while attempting to collect on any debt. If they break these rules by harrassing you or threatening you have the power to make them sorry they ever contacted you.
Simply hang up the phone, sit down and write them a cease and desist letter. You can google cease and desist to get some ideas on what to write.
The next sentence is very important!!! Be sure to send it Certified Mail. If they continue to threaten and contact you after receiving the letter, you can successfully sue them. I did it and that was how I got them to pay me and then go away permanently!

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classiladybarb classiladybarb

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Ask if they can work out a payment plan, or forbearance until your financial circumstances get better. Asking for lower interest rate. Asking for money off of principal if you pay in full in shorter period. Hire debt consolidation company and refer all debt collectors to debt consolidation of your choice.

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galescaglia galescaglia

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It is a curse. Point blank period. Why? Because it's desperation at its worst. I have had 13 payday loans at once. They totaled more than 3000.00, and that was BEFORE paying the interest in order to pay them all off. Consider a variation of 100.00-500.00 each. 15.00 to 150.00 a piece in finance charges! Also consider since I was borrowing to pay the others(or keep them going) the amount of stress and strain to try and keep up with the last one and then getting ANOTHER one because the rest of your budget doesn't cover it! The NSF charges, the calls to friends and family, your job... Their name says it all. So they don't have to actually TELL people it's a payday or finance company calling. I waited a few years and vowed not to do it again. That if I did it would only be 100.00 and that I could most assuredly pay off with no problem right? NO! I borrowed to help a friend and she couldn't pay ME back when time came. So I paid it and borrowed another hundred for my own personal crisis and voila! Before I knew it I was right back in the thick of things. This time I was using my husbands name and money to further us along. I had to file bankruptcy to just to get a fresh start and stop all the calls. I lost my car which I could have been able to afford without having got the loans(even though I got a payday loan to get the down payment). I had to sell my house because I couldn't afford to pay the taxes or upkeep. I couldn't afford a lawyer to stop my stepkids from being taken out of the state- and haven't seen them in a year! Long story never short because no matter who you are or how much you make - no matter if it's a brick and mortar store on online or whatever they offer you as an incentive etc.. it's not worth it. Save a few dollars yourself and build an emergency fund. Even if you do get one or even a few and pay them off or down in two weeks and don't end up like myself or others - it only takes time and desperation and it WILL eventually happen.

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yolanda87 yolanda87

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I walked away from all of my creditors by sending all of them cease and desist letters. Immediately, the phone calls stopped! Only three creditors contacted me several months later, two of them filed judgements against me but since I live on disability and social security they can't touch my bank account. One judgement was dropped. The third creditor I am currently making payments to for a lesser amount because she caught me on a good day. Yes, my credit report is ruined for now, but in a few years all of this will drop off and I can start over. At least the phone calls stopped

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cutekitties cutekitties

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