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How will you like to thank your family members and celebrate the coming Thanksgiving Day without putting a strain on your wallet?

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How will you like to thank your family members on this Thanksgiving Day?What are the ways to celebrate this day without putting a strain on your wallet?

I would get invitations out word of mouth through phone. Have all family members bring a dish to contribute to the family feast. And my Thank you as in having the family together for the holidays. Thats the greatest gift to have is your family being together. Reminising about old times and how our familys have been. Just catching up on what we all miss out on now that we all have our own families.

Sub: #1 posted on Tue, 11/01/2011 - 12:54

odellandamber odellandamber

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I have family that lives out of state. Since neither of us can afford to drive the distance, with today's gas prices, we simply use the phone to visit. Not the same as being there to give them a hug, but it beats nothing ... Thank God for unlimited long distance, and a friend who allows me to use their phone. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to visit with them at all this Thanksgiving.

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katie_j_granny katie_j_granny

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There's no reason to spend a fortune on Thanksgiving. Spend your time instead of your money. Sitting down to a meal together, spending the day talking, catching up, watching football, eating and/or playing games is the best way to show you care. Express your gratitude and simply enjoy your time together as a family.

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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If the weather is decent, we will spend it at the local park, with a picnic made from home.
We have found that times at the park, spent together, have more meaning and memory than something superficial.
We like to take advantage of the decent weather just before winter hits, before we get "snowed in."

Sub: #4 posted on Sat, 11/12/2011 - 10:16

ame402 ame402

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My dad became ill a few years ago with stage 5 kidney failure. With our mom passing away when we were little (i was 7) we really have made holidays about how much each other means to us. I'm making home made scrap books with free digital backgrounds that you can get on the internet with pictures of the 3 of us together with captions of why I'm thankful for them both. Since my Mom died I just have my dad and my sister left so it's important to me to let them know how much they mean to me and my children. I lost was unemployed for almost 2 years but thankfully I have a job now. My dad is obviously on SSID (Social Security) and can't afford much but when we look at these pictures we laugh and smile and remember the good times and it reminds us no matter what our financial problems are family makes us wealthy.

Sub: #5 posted on Tue, 11/15/2011 - 21:55

tmckay78 tmckay78

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I believe very strongly in the essence of time. Time spent with family is something that can not be taken back, nor can it be made up if it is missed. Sometimes the importance of holidays is stressed to heavily on the factors of money instead of memories.

I will thank my family by giving them my undivided time and togetherness. There will be no work, no cell phones (unless we are calling a distant relative who can not make it).

Holidays to me are about Traditions. For years when I was growing up, we all told stories around the table. The food was brought in dishes by visiting relatives, so the expense was shared. We also played cards, chose games to play as a family, and just enjoyed each others time.

I have since continued the tradition on to my family, and in-laws. My children get excited to pick the after dinner games and at the same time get to realize the true meaning of the holidays. We realize life is precious, time can be short, so the best way to show you care, is to just give the gift of love and togetherness. I honestly feel the togetherness and strength of a family truly defines what the holidays are all about.

Sub: #6 posted on Wed, 11/16/2011 - 07:23

rvl_73 rvl_73
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I would like to thank my family for loving each other and being there for each other hard times and good times, I ask for us to continue to support each other and for us to give thanks for everything our health and strength and the love we continue we to share among each other. Without us putting a strain on each other pockets this Thanksgiving and every Thanksgiving after we can come together and cook and gather without have to spend alot of money that would be a better way of putting a strain on everybody pockets just pitch in together and make it work.

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Trinamylady Trinamylady

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I am happy my mom is still alive with her good mind, having a place to stay, being fed and able to take a shower. I know God has provided a way for her to come live with me soon amen. I cannot wait to hug my and kiss my mother on the left and right cheek when that day comes hallejuah! We'll be happy.

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simonishmael4 simonishmael4

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I love my family and I thank them every giving day of the year, but this special, special, special thanksgiving day is the time for the warm spirit for the entire world, the globe, let thanks God Almighty for every giving day, and thank God for this special thanksgiving day. May God Bless every child, and give them thanks, and bless, all Mother's and Father's for teaching them about the special day of thanksgiving.

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cashmoney196 cashmoney196

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