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How can you save money at your house?

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What are the ways to save money at home? Is it possible to save money at home?

Yes, it is possible to save money at home. Cut back on everything you do. My husband and I live on $10 to $12 thousand a year. Not saying you have to do that. We have no choice. For example: monthly household bills, use less utilities and use energy savers, cut your phone bill in half by asking for a better plan, look for ways to pay less for things you need, Buy less food and reuse all the leftovers so nothing is wasted, you won't have to diet. stop buying things you can really do without or make them yourself, spruce up those old clothes and make them look new again, with fabric dye or decorations. Sell stuff on the internet, carpool when you can, use coupons, our store has gas coupons. Have family and friends share in expenses when you travel. When you leave home take whatever food and drink you need the day and your ice pack. Run errands on the way home. Make gifts instead of buying, give your time, do something special for others, grow some fruit and veggies in large containers if no room for your family and sell some. Go fishing with the kids or grand kids, they catch the fish, you save on not needing a license,spend quality time with them and teach them how to fish. Recycle cans, bottles and scrap metals, batteries etc. yours or your neighbors. I can't get a job because of my credit report so I barter and trade with friends and neighbors for needed things. Run errands for people for gas or food money, put any change in a jar for medical and dental bills, house or car repairs, negotiate smaller monthly payments if have to go to the doctor or dentist or buy meds. Try herbs and spices for over the counter meds. Be creative, do, fix and make things yourself, reuse what you have. There are lots of ways to save money at home if you think about it. Our country buys too much and wastes too much. Don't throw things away find someone who can use it.

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maggiesgarden2 maggiesgarden2

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There are many ways you can save money at home.
1. Use day light "open your windows until it gets dark"
2. open your windows in the morning to get the house cool and at night. Keep the shades down when the sun is facing the windows.
3. use energry lights in your whole house such as those that give light if need to go to the bathrrom. Its not necessary turn other lights on.
4. Cook outside in a grill the meals for three or four days.
5. You can plant vegies in your backyard even if you dont have a garden. You can plant many things using paint buckets.

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julietscotto julietscotto

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1. Paint the house yourself.
2. Save any paint left for touch up inside the house.
3. Wash the tools right away
4. Do the laundry morning or evening
5. Dry the cloth outside
6. Clean your house with water and hand moops, dont use electric moops, sweep instead of vacum, if you have area rugs use brush to remove dust.

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julietscotto julietscotto

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With the current state of our ecomony, many families are struggling to make ends meet and struggle to find ways to stretch every dollar. Here are a few ways I save money at home.
1) Pay for basic cable. Want to watch a movie? Go to Red Box. This is a lot cheaper than paying for premium movie channels or ordering movies on demand.
2) Save your water/soda bottles and recycle to get cash. Better yet, buy a water filter!
3) Go through weekly mailers/coupons and see what's on sale. I usually narrow my choices to 2 stores and will tailor and plan my menu for the week to what I can buy on sale.
4) No need to buy name brands. Despite what you think, no one really cares that you're not using Tide detergent or Charmin Ultra. There are a lot of generic brands that work just as well.
5) Do your own landscaping. This is a great chore for your teenager or your husband!
Lastly(mainly for us Californians), don't do your laundry during peak hours. Wait until the evening or weekends and you can save on your electric bill.

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cagrl12 cagrl12

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Yes it is possible to save money as long as you put your mind into trying to save.
- get of debt, maybe try to consolidate your bills
- set goals for saving, watch how you spend and maybe even open up a savings acct. that you cant touch
-Keep track of expenses and extra spending, write down all your bills you owe for the month and if you spend extra write it down so you know what you are saving at the end of the month
- slow down on your expenses, eliminate fast foods, extra driving etc.
-Get rid of credit cards, cut them up and throw them out
- Make a budget, for yourself and stick to it for a couple of months and whatever is left over put it in the savings acct. you opened.

With saving money you can then set a time frame for things you wanna do or buy.

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green8103 green8103

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Coupons - i find that I save $100's each year by using coupons for groceries, restaurants,

I use, groupons,, valpak etc

My friend and I go out for lunch once a week and always take a coupon with us - buy one lunch, get one free - we have saved so much by doing this.

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dfeichtel dfeichtel

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The best way to save money at home is through groceries. Food is constantly brought into the home. If you save money on food, it can help your overall finances. Always clip coupons to save on your grocery bill. Some stores even allow double coupn days. It is best to look through several ads and find coupons on items already on sale. That will give you an even bigger discount. Another way to save money at home is to watch movies on digital cable rather than going to the movies. Movies nowadays can cost between 10 and 15 dollars. The best way to save money is to spend more time at home. That way you wont be tempted to spend your money. You will also save on gas. Love your home, make it your oasis. Spend more quality time there and save money!

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tiffclay1980 tiffclay1980

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I would say the best way to save money would be to turn of things you aren't using. If you aren't watching TV, just turn it off. I would unplug things that aren't going to be used very often, this could save more money. Don't keep your water running when you arr brushing your teeth, washing your hair or hands. I think a person could save alot of money by doing just a few things differently.

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pem.2 pem.2

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When you aren't watching tv you could turn it off. Having the tv on while no one is watching uses up a lot of electricity. It will save you lots of money on your bill. Any appliances that aren't in use can be unplugged. Only use lights when absolutely necessary such as: bathroom, kitchen, bedroom lights should only be used during day time if you have few windows.

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lavinodiv92 lavinodiv92

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Cut down on the energy being used withing the household. You might think that not having no tvs no radios is insane , but if you would liive without the so called appliances that we hold within our houses thats energy being produced and money spent. If you cut down diet therefore cut down food spending as well as clothes instead of trendy clothes we would live better and less money being spent.

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sheshongre sheshongre

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