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How can you organize a great summer party without splurging?

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Summer is the time to have family get-togethers. How can you organize summer parties without throwing a lot of money?

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ednaalford210 ednaalford210

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abelboesen125 abelboesen125

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Summer parties are fun and do not have to be expensive. Here are some helpful tips on how to NOT spend a fortune for a summer party:

1. Have a potluck. Invite your friends over and tell them you???ll be supplying the main dish/meat and that you???d like everyone to bring one thing. Assign appetizers, side dishes, desserts, ice, drinks, chips, etc. to everyone. This way each person only has to bring 1 thing and it???s not overly burdensome on anyone. People have no problem with this whatsoever.

2. If you???re providing beverages, remember to keep it simple. Iced tea, brewed from tea bags, fresh squeezed lemonade or even iced water with a twist (lemons, limes, oranges, mint, etc.) are refreshing, simple, and cheap and can be a big hit at the same time. Water with lemon and lime slices in a beautiful glass pitcher looks expensive and tasteful, even though it costs only pennies.

3. If you???re hosting and in charge of the main dish / meat for the party, keep it simple. Hot dogs are always popular; plus, they???re easy to cook and inexpensive. Frozen, pre-made burgers can also be inexpensive or, to save even more, buy ground beef in bulk when it???s on sale and make your own burger patties.

4. Use real plates, glasses and utensils. Don???t waste money on the plastic stuff. After the party starts winding down, the gals can hang out in the kitchen and make quick work of washing the dishes.

5. For decorations, use what you have. Cut wildflowers in a vase for a centerpiece are gorgeous and free!

6. For entertainment, adults can break out a deck of cards or a board game; watch a baseball game on TV or play charades. Have the kids play hide ???n seek, kick around a soccer ball or catch lightning bugs at dusk.

These are just a few ideas but there are tons of ways to cut costs when having a summer party. Use your imagination and enjoy!

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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Invite only your best and closest friends and relatives that you feel will get along well with each other. Group chemistry is a very crucial, yet often overlooked element to a great party.
Offer excellent food but ask guests to bring a side or drink of their choice. People will feel good about contributing and you will not need to spend a lot of money
Lastly, you need to create the atmosphere. This can easily be done by creating music playlists, setting lighting correctly and rearranging seating and furniture to accommodate several groups of people, in separate areas, comfortably.
If you pay attention to these 3 easy steps, you'll be on your way to enjoying a great summer, or anytime party, guaranteed!

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Jkstead Jkstead

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Have a picnic in the park! Grill out and play games. Go for walks. Get the free/discounted tickets to museums, zoos, etc. Have a movie night with the DVDs that you already on. Invest in a Netflix membership and watch old movies. Get a volleyball net for your yard and organize games. Do arts and crafts at your home. Get ideas from!

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meechell83 meechell83

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Do your own cooking. Don't call a caterer to to cater. Sticl to the basics, hamburger hot dogs or grilled chicken and ribs. have others bring dishes. Use a stereo not a DJ. Do your own invitations. Send them through e-mail or use a phone. Don mail invitations. Have the get together at your home. Don't rent out a place.

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matt matt

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How can I organize summer party without throwing a lot of money. First of all I will tell the family in advance. Second I will tell them what to bring, which is your bathing suits, beach towels flip flops, sunscreen cream, sun hat, it's gonna be a summer party at the beach. Free food, free tree shade, free parking, because the price is right with this package deal which is 450.00 for two days, for 50 family members Let's have a party at the beach!

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hughesbrenda28 hughesbrenda28

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I would invite people over telling them to all bring a dish or drink to share! That way we all eat good food & have drinks while i saved money by not trying to buy food for everyone. Organize what each person is bringing to make sure there is enough variety in food dishes. I would also try to save money by going to the discount stores for party favors if i don't already have them. Have the party at home or a public park also helps in saving money :-)

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It's important to have fun, even when you don't have money! Here are some ideas: use the activities sponsored by your local community as a basis for your party. Our town has a monthly outdoor movie - we invite friends to join us for the movie, and retreat to our house afterward for desert and discussion. The local fireworks for the Fourth was another opportunity for fun.

Use a local park with barbecue grill and tables to host a BYOBBQ - you provide coals, eating utensils and plates, napkins, and drinks, your guests bring their own grilling items. You can use the park's facilities for children, swimming, fishing to enhance the experience.

Have a movie day at your home - rent some movies, or a board game day. Supply popcorn and home-made lemonade or tea, and your friends watch the movie or play games with you. You can follow with a potluck dinner. We've used the theme, "Bad luck, no luck, potluck" and asked everyone to bring leftovers to throw on the table for dinner. We made fresh deserts. You could just do a cookie exchange - everyone brings enough cookies for their family plus 2 for the pot. You can put them out for desert. This also works for sports or activities like "Walk with me" where you all walk together for a mile, or any other sport.

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anara anara

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Parties can cost a lot of money so it is important to keep it simple!
Set spending guidelines early and stick to it. A party is for socializing and friendship...there is no sense blowing the bank for baby back ribs and porterhouse steaks if your budget is hot dogs and burgers!

1.Start watching grocery store sales on party staples. CVS regularly has soda/pop on sale for 4 for $10.
2. Hot dogs are frequently on sale and coupons are always floating around. . Don't buy the crappy .99 cents hot dogs...they are just nasty, My Target has all beef Ball Park Franks on sale for $1.99. Buy store brand buns at half the cost.

3. Watch from ground beef on sale and make your own hamburger patties. Season with Liptons dry onion soup mix for extra flavor. Again buy store brand buns.

4. If you have the space available, start making ice and bag it!

5. Since the summer is hot, keep the food simple and light. Early on the day of your party, shop your local farmers market to get beautiful fresh fruits and vegetable. Cut them up yourself and serve them with a variety of homemade dips. Do platters of cut up watermelon, cantelope and pineapple. Make a fresh salsa and serve with tortilla chips!

6. Make it a BOYB party! Offer mixers but have people bring there own beer,wine or liquor.

7. Shop The Dollar Store for paper goods...napkins, cutlery, cups and plates.

8. If you don't have platters for food, borrow them!

9. Bake cookies and light summery fruit bars ahead of time and freeze them. You can make inexpensive Key Lime Pies ahead of time and serve them semi refreshing!

10. Make hearty salads and pasta salads..Make them colorful...makes them look expensive!!

11. If guests offer to bring things or help you out, accept there offer!!!
It will save you money, it will make them feel good and YOU will have a great time at YOUR party!!

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