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Change in guidelines for becoming a Debt Samaritan

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Changes in eligibility criteria for Debt Samaritan
Idea of Debt Samaritans was introduced to the community so that people having relevant knowledge and prior experience can help people undergoing serious debt related problems with their insight.To ensure that the community is able to benefit in a better way from this core group of people, debt consolidation Care has decided to implement certain eligibility criteria for becoming a Debt Samaritan.
Before sending a request for becoming a Debt Samaritan please go through the following rules properly.
Anyone who wants to become a Samaritan should fulfill the conditions given below:

  • A person should have 100 posts in the Debtcc forum / DebtCC Answer before sending an email to Vikas for becoming a debt samaritan.
  • In the email sent to Vikas the person should provide URLs of top 10 posts by him. These posts could either be informative topics started by him or any useful answers provided to any other person in the community.
  • After reviewing the quality of posts and feedback from the community, final decision will be taken.

If you have any further questions on the guidelines stated above, please feel free to contact us

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