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Me and my husband have a lot of debt, it is mainly him from before we got together but now they are hitting us hard and we cant afford it and we are considering bankruptcy but we REALLY dont want to do that

Normally I would suggest doing a debt management Plan if you can afford it.
However if you are overextended and con`t afford your minimum payments and can't afford a dmp than you may want to consider a debt settlement program.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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Did you sign up for a fee debt consult from this site, if not you are entitled to one as a member, call the toll free number or click on the top right button to speak to someone and they can help you and perhaps offer some advice.

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ladybug ladybug

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debt negotiation is the way to go. I have been researching how my wife and I can get out of our 55K credit and 230k Student Loan.

We were going to file chapt 13, but after researching, debt negotiation is really the way to go. You can have a company do it for you for several thousand dollars, or you can do it yourself. There is a company that assist you to do it yourself, But apparently all the info you need is at this site under:

They have sample letters for you to use.
Another helpful site is:

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drjeffdougal drjeffdougal

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Both debt settlement and debt management are good programs. It really depends on your budget. Debt settlement is a hardship program for people who are overextended , can`t afford the minimums , can`t afford a dmp payment and don`t want to file for bankruptcy. You will have a big impact on your credit , plus you will deal with a ton of harassing calls from creditors and risk of lawsuit. Don`t get me wrong, I like settlement but I suggest it be your last option before bankruptcy. Trust me look in a DMP first.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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