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Can they legally have me arrested cause I owe payday loans? they told me this so I sent them 400 abou t 2 weeks ago cause they said if i didn't they would come to my job. this caused me to be behind on my car & mortg which has me in jeopardy of repo for car & foreclosure w/home. i 'm supposed to pay agin this week but don't have money . email is email address removed as per forum rules - Mike
(my email)

Nope, they can't have you arrested and it's against he law for them to threaten you with that. Don't send this company anymore money. Tell them you want the debt validated or they won't see another dime.
Check out the link below n/about13221.html

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PinkLady PinkLady
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Did you send money without getting the debt validated? How do you know if the company is actually authorized for the collections on your file?

Well, now that your money is already with them, keep the receipts of your payments as your proof. This might be required later. Confirm from them in writing that they have posted your money towards the account and want to know the balance due.

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Flying Cats Flying Cats

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Make these scum eaters validate the debt. They are located in Jacksonville, Florida and their famous line is you will be arrested. They are in strict violation of the fdcpa. Do not send them anything else. They are not Bass & Associates, they are Bass Prelitigations and they are using another companies name out of Arizona. There is a member of the forums that received a letter from the Arizona Bass & Associates that clearly stated they are no way affliated with them.

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Not so Lucky Not so Lucky

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I am getting calls from the Jacksonville location. Is there an address for them so that I can request a debt validation?

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Several people have been trying to get an address for this company. They seem to have a problem with giving it out, because they know they are wrong in their collection tactics. If you click on the link I pasted in my post above, an address was posted in that forum by a person claiming to be an employee. Not sure if the address is legit or not, but I believe a couple of members have tried sending letters to it. Haven't heard if they received anything back.

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PinkLady PinkLady
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bass&associates aka bass enterprises aka bass prelitigations
also need address for cash net
fsm group
worldwide as now
can you email to email address removed as per forum rules - Tammy

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van_bless2 van_bless2

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Hey van_bless2

I am having the same problem with bass&associates aka bass enterprises aka bass prelitigations to and I also live in NC. So far I have paied them $450 and I owr 600 more and theywant me to pay them $150 every week untill this is paied off. But I dont have an extra $150 to pay them and I am not going to fall behind again on my house payment again because of them . Any one have any advice?

Sub: #7 posted on Thu, 10/12/2006 - 05:06

PianoMan PianoMan

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File a complaint with the FL Ag's office. I believe FL has multiple upon multiple complaints about this company. That would be a start in dealing with these guys.

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i was called last night by kelly young at bass & associates from jacksonville,fl her # was 877-281-2224.i called her back this morning.she told me i had 2 hrs to come up with $565.00 or my file would be downloaded and sent to the local authorities to arrest me immediately.i took out several small loans over the internet over a year ago. i was paying them biweekly until my bank closed my acct. i was constantly having a negative balance due to all of these people running checks through.these people called me about 6 months ago and i told them i was in bankruptcy and gave them the case # they said the case was closed.when i asked her today if we have spoken previously she said no.she first told me the bank didn't want the money just wanted to make some examples out of people i told her i might could get the money this evening.she then changed and said she could give me until 8 pm and no later.she agve me the money gram info to send it to fl. even though i'm a man i'm about to have a nervous breakdown here.i'm in bankruptcy,my house was foreclosed on 10/2 i'm working 2 jobs,while my wife is disabled and trying to get social security.please put my mind at email is

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Did you get anything in the mail yet from them? I have not got anything from them yet they are suppose to be sending me something this week, I will just have to see if I get anything. This is the 3rd time I have asked them to mail me something .

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PianoMan PianoMan

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