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I have over 6000 in payday loans and need help before losing every thing

What state are you in? What companies have you borrowed from and how much was the original loan? How much have you paid back so far in fees?

If you post this info we can help guide you in the right direction . . . .

Sub: #1 posted on Wed, 05/02/2007 - 07:00

goudah2424 goudah2424

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I live in Ohio. Together, my husband and I are $8600 in debt
to payday loans. We keep getting further and further behind. If we could pay these off, we could work on getting
out of debt and paying other bills. But right now we are treading water and I don't know how long we can continue this cycle. Is there ANY help to pay these off?

Sub: #2 posted on Sat, 08/02/2008 - 09:19


As Goudah said, you will need to list some more detailed information: name of each company, whether it is internet or store front, original amount borrowed from each, and amount paid so far on each. Once you list this information, the folks here will be more able to advise you.

Sub: #3 posted on Sat, 08/02/2008 - 10:33

alias1958 alias1958

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Oops! It looks like Goudah's post is an old one! However, the information needed is still the same!

Sub: #4 posted on Sat, 08/02/2008 - 10:36

alias1958 alias1958

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